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Summer Driving- 400 Road Death Estimated During This Memorial Day Weekend

An Alarming Estimated 400 Road Deaths Estimated for Memorial Day Weekend

The National Safety Council announced in a press release that 400 roadway deaths are estimated during this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend for the second year. In addition, they estimate that 45,800 people may be seriously injured on roadways during the three-day holiday weekend.  The analysis predicts that serious injuries can be anywhere from 40,000 to 52,000 people.  Between 2011 and 2015, Memorial Day weekend averaged about 312 fatalities per weekend but each year it has increased.  It is estimated that … [Read More]

Missouri-One of Lowest Seat Belt Compliance States

Missouri Seat Belt Laws

Missouri requires that all occupants of a motor vehicle be properly restrained, yet Missourians continue to fail to buckle up.  When involved in a motor vehicle crash with a seat belt, the occupants statistically suffer more serious injuries or death.

Too many lives are lost each year in fatal motor vehicle crashes.

Seat Belt Usage and Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes

The National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) is the only survey that provides nationwide probability-based observed data on seat belt use in the U.S., and is used by the National Highway … [Read More]

Parents Right to Worry About Teen Drivers in End-of-Year Celebrations

Drunk Driving Crashes Increase During Prom and Graduation Season

Parents have due cause to worry about their teen drivers during end-of-year celebrations such as prom and graduation.  Driving and drinking never go well together and teens are inexperienced at both. However, it should be noted that no one drinks and drives well at any age.

While your teen may be a very responsible and capable driver, you cannot control of impact other drivers who may make the decision to drink and drive. The number of drunk driving motor vehicle crashes increases in the spring specifically … [Read More]

Second Fatal St. Louis Motorcycle Crash on Ashby Road, St. Louis County

Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes on Ashby Road in St. Louis/Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is during the month of May and not by chance.  The month of May brings much warmer temperatures and the return of the hum of motorcycles. Likewise, May usually sees a significant increase in motorcycle crashes.

A young, male motorcyclist was killed Sunday near the intersection of Page Avenue and Ashby Road. This is the second crash this month on Ashby Road. According to reports, the motorcyclist was traveling eastbound and struck the passenger side … [Read More]

Fatal Crashes on the Rise in Illinois

Illinois interstates

Illinois Fatal Car Crashes Number Continue to Climb

A negative statistic for Illinois for the last four consecutive years is the number of fatal crashes. So far in 2018, there have been 272 crashes resulting in 301 fatalities compared to last year at this time, 283 fatalities. At this rate, 2018 is projected to be the most deadly year since seeing a slight decline in 2014.

In 2014, there were 924 fatalities involving 845 crashes. In 2015, the number of crashes was 914, resulting in 998 fatalities.  In 2016, there were 1,000 … [Read More]

New Study Finds Drowsy Driving Far Too Common

Insurance Study Finds Drowsy Driving Plays a Role in one of 10 Motor Vehicle Crashes

According to a recent study of Dashcams from more than 700 crashes, found that 10 percent of those motor vehicle crashes could be connected to drowsy driving. Original national data from the federal government estimated that drowsy driving was linked to only about 1-2 percent of motor vehicle crashes.  This recent study examined the prevalence of drowsy driving immediately prior to a crash involving more than 3,500 people monitored constantly for several months through in-vehicle cameras.

Drowsy … [Read More]

Missouri Fails AHAS Traffic Safety Report

Safety Group Ranks Missouri Fourth Worst in Traffic Safety Laws

AHAS (Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety) has ranked Missouri as tied for fourth worst in the nation when it comes to safety of traffic laws.

Limited Ban on Texting and Driving

This recent study is not a surprise considering that Missouri is one of only three states in the US (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) which has not passed legislation banning texting and driving. Various municipalities in the state have banned texting and driving in the last few years. Specifically, Manchester Mayor … [Read More]

Missouri, One of Three States Where Texting and Driving Still Legal

Distracted Driver Crashes Occur Every Three Hours in Missouri

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there is a distracted car crash in Missouri every three hours on average.  From 2011 to 2015, the number of distracted driving crashes climbed from 1,858 to 2,612.

Missouri is one of three states that has not passed a ban on texting and driving. Forty-seven states have banned all texting and driving for all drivers except for Arizona, Montana and Missouri. In Missouri, drivers 21 and younger are banned from texting and driving; but it does … [Read More]