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Warmer February Weather-Motorcycle Fatalities in Missouri


Unseasonably Warmer Weather in Missouri

One thing you can count on in Missouri–unpredictable weather. In February,  we have been seeing unusually warm weather. Generally, we think of hearing motorcycles in the spring time, but when we enjoy warmer temperatures, more motorcyclists take to the roadways.

Injured Motorcyclist Dies from Crash

A 17 year-old Maryland Heights youth passed yesterday from serious injuries sustained in a February 5, 2107 motorcycle crash. According to the Missouri Highway State Patrol, the young man was a passenger on a Kawasaki motorcycle that collided with a car at Natural Bridge and Fairfield … [Read More]

Several Car Crashes Over Super Bowl Weekend


Approximately Fifty-Five Car Crashes Across Missouri Over the Weekend


There were approximately 55 crashes from Friday, February 3, 2017 to Monday morning, February 6, 2017. Of those crashes, there were three fatalities, 10 serious injuries and 21 people were listed as “moderately” injured. These crashes and injuries were reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and may not include all municipality crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Fatal Car Crashes

An 86 year-old Crocker woman was in a crash early afternoon on Friday on Highway U, 7 miles West of Crocker in … [Read More]

Night Time Car Crashes Have More Fatalities


Car Crash Fatalities Increase at Night

This fact probably surprises few.  Darkness obviously impacts visibility. Since riding in a motor vehicle is something we all do almost daily, we forget how dangerous it can actually be. It is probably one of the most dangerous things each of us do daily.

Thus, you should know what to do immediately if you are involved in a motor vehicle incident.

Across the U.S., 49 percent of all fatal car crashes occur at night.  Night driving (lower visibility) increases the risk of fatal crashes according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHSTA).

Other factors … [Read More]

Five Car Fatalities on Illinois 158 Since October 2016

File 158 crash

Five Car Crash Fatalities in Less Than Three Months

According to Calvin Dye Jr, Illinois State Patrol, accidents on two lane highways can increase when the road passes through rural parts of the state rather than urban areas.  When the roadway becomes rural and there are cornfields on either side, people tend to speed, pay less attention and daydream according to Dye.

Dye said, “They just clearly don’t pay attention to the roadway. They become distracted with the cellphone, with the radios. We see our worst crashes here in Distract 11 on the rural parts of state … [Read More]

Icy Forecast for Missouri Roadways


Well, It’s January in Missouri…….

If you’ve been to the grocery store, you may have noticed they are running low on bread, milk and toilet paper as per normal January weather.  But a winter weather forecast has been issued that may impact much of Missouri traffic this weekend, thus increasing the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes.

We encourage you to check out the weather forecasts and take safety precautions to avoid collisions if possible.

Greater St. Louis Area

A winter storm could bring up to three-quarters of an inch of ice in parts of … [Read More]

Farmington Toddler Hit by Vehicle Dies from Injuries


Little Boy Struck and Killed in a Driveway Near His Home

On Saturday evening, a tragic incident took place claiming the life of a Farmington toddler.  Around 5 p.m. police and emergency responders were called to Aldergate Street regarding injuries to a 17-month old infant.

Prior to the incident, the child’s father and his three year-old daughter and 17 month-old son walked across the street to talk to a neighbor. The father and children walked back across the street and the neighbor went inside. Once back at the house, the little boy … [Read More]

Patrol Reminds Us of the Importance of Seat Belts


Importance of Seat Belt Usage


The Missouri Highway Patrol issued another reminder of how important seat belts are for occupants of all motor vehicles.  Over the Christmas weekend, six people were killed in car crashes and according to authorities, four of those people were not wearing seat belts and two of them were ejected from the vehicle.

“The most important job the seat belt has is to keep you in that seat, and in that car”, said Rinch. “If we can do that, the car … [Read More]

Six Missouri Road Fatalities Over Holiday Weekend


Potential Record Travel Weekend

AAA had predicted that approximately 103 million Americans would be traveling for the Christmas holiday weekend.  There were 260 car crashes in Missouri, six people died,  and 86 people injured.  Troopers arrested 68 people for drunken driving and made 40 drug-related arrests.  In 2015, there were five people killed in the same counting period.

This last weekend, there were six car crash fatalities in Missouri. This holiday weekend was preceded by a particularly deadly car crash weekend prior when the roadways were coated with ice for the first time this year, resulting … [Read More]