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Missouri Fails AHAS Traffic Safety Report

Safety Group Ranks Missouri Fourth Worst in Traffic Safety Laws

AHAS (Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety) has ranked Missouri as tied for fourth worst in the nation when it comes to safety of traffic laws.

Limited Ban on Texting and Driving

This recent study is not a surprise considering that Missouri is one of only three states in the US (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) which has not passed legislation banning texting and driving. Various municipalities in the state have banned texting and driving in the last few years. Specifically, Manchester Mayor … [Read More]

Missouri, One of Three States Where Texting and Driving Still Legal

Distracted Driver Crashes Occur Every Three Hours in Missouri

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there is a distracted car crash in Missouri every three hours on average.  From 2011 to 2015, the number of distracted driving crashes climbed from 1,858 to 2,612.

Missouri is one of three states that has not passed a ban on texting and driving. Forty-seven states have banned all texting and driving for all drivers except for Arizona, Montana and Missouri. In Missouri, drivers 21 and younger are banned from texting and driving; but it does … [Read More]

Should I use my health insurance after a car crash that is not my fault?

In Short, Yes

If you have health insurance, you absolutely should use your health insurance for medical treatment following a car crash even if the crash is not your fault in Missouri.

“If the accident wasn’t my fault, shouldn’t the other driver’s insurance pay for my medical bills?”

Yes, ideally the other party’s insurance carrier should pay for your medical treatment, and they may, but not while you’re still treating. The insurance adjuster will pay your medical bills but only at one time, when your case settles. There are many steps in between. Using your health insurance … [Read More]

Super Bowl Weekend-Make a Safe Travel Plan

Make a Plan to Be Safe

Every year, most of us celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.  We, along with all safety experts across the country encourage you to plan for the Super Bowl festivities including your safe ride home to avoid car accidents.

Across most states, law enforcement will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers before, during and after the game on Sunday.  You will probably put a lot of thought into where you are going to watch the game, what you are going to eat and what you are going to … [Read More]

Still Thinking About Not Wearing Your Seat Belt? Think Again!

Authorities Agree, Seatbelts Save Lives

According to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes”.  Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among those aged 1-54 in the United States. Most crash-related deaths in the U.S. occur to passenger vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers).

  • A total of 22,441 passenger vehicle occupants died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015.
  • More than half of teens (13-19) and adults 20-44 years who died in crashes in 2015 were … [Read More]

Common Sense Sometimes Not-So-Common on New Year’s Eve Roadways

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Temptation to Drink and Drive Runs High on New Year’s Eve–Resist

We all love to plan our New Year’s Eve parties as they are great fun.  It is also one of the most deadly nights on the roadways.  People often do a lot of planning for the party but do not plan their safe travel home. Once at the party, they drink and then are tempted to make poor decisions such as climbing behind the wheel with the thoughts of “I’ve just got to go a few blocks”, or “I’m really … [Read More]

Fatal Missouri Crashes Over Christmas Holiday

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a total of 491 crashes in Missouri over the weekend and included 125 injuries and five fatalities. MSHP also made 91 arrests for DWI’s over the holiday weekend and 49 drug arrest. Three of the fatalities occurred on December 23.  Additionally, a Springfield pedestrian fatality was reported through local authorities.

Three Children Killed in Truck Crash

Loss of life is always tragic, but there is something extra horrifying about three young children being killed in a truck crash the day after Christmas.  A Neosho family was … [Read More]

Illinois I-55 Semi-Crashes Blamed on “Bad Driving” Rather than Construction

Serious Semi-Truck Crashes Occur on Same Stretch of Interstate 55

Illinois State Police say that bad driving behaviors are responsible for the latest serious crashes on I-55, not road construction.

Twice in the last month, there have been two extremely serious semi-truck crashes on the same stretch of Interstate 55 in Illinois. The first crash on November 21, 2017 near Hamel, resulted in the tragic deaths of four young women.

On Friday December 15, 2017, a second crash occurred approaching the construction zone near exit 23, where Illinois 143 intersects with the highway.  It … [Read More]