Distracted Driver Attorneys in Missouri

Free time is hard to come by these days. Multi-tasking is a great way to get more things done, but some tasks you just can’t combine. When a driver focuses their attention on something else besides driving, the results can be dangerous, even deadly. Inattentive drivers are more now that vehicles have more features and cell phones are common place. This can be bad news for everyone else on the road.

Missouri and Illinois have bans on texting and driving.

The most common causes of distracted driving include:

  • Conversations with passengers
  • Using smartphone apps
  • Changing a CD, MP3, or radio station
  • Eating or drinking
  • Applying makeup, adjusting hair, other grooming
  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Reading maps or using a GPS
  • Daydreaming or looking at scenery

Reckless Driving vs Inattentive Driving

Reckless and Inattentive or Distracted Driving are different things. The police officers on the scene may say what category to file the crash or accident under. This depends on the factors present in your specific situation. While both are misdemeanors, reckless driving is worse, and carries stronger penalties, potential jail time, higher fees, and a likely suspension of your driver’s license. Inattentive driving will still result in penalties, of course, but they may be less harsh.

Some aspects of the penalties may also depend upon how badly the other party was injured. Needless to say, if your reckless driving resulted in a wrongful death, the consequences will be much more severe than a crash which only resulted in a few scratches.

Distracted Driver Lawyer in St. Louis

If you’ve been injured by an inattentive driver, or are otherwise involved in a reckless driving accident, the first thing you want to do is call the police. Your second phone call, though, should be to an experienced inattentive driving lawyer. Getting an automobile accident attorney on the line can benefit you immediately, as you’ll be able to get some fast and relevant advice that will help you in your future case. Just the knowledge that someone else knows what to do can also be a calming factor after a traumatic accident.

As soon as your accident lawyer is on the scene, they’ll be able to get the relevant details, as well as perform other vital tasks such as getting witness statements, contact information, security footage, and more. Having a skilled attorney on your side makes all the difference. Often, the presence of this attorney often makes parties reconsider offering you a lower-than-you-deserve settlement. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t receive full compensation for your medical bills and any therapy needed. A reckless driver attorney can help this happen.

If you’ve been injured by a reckless or inattentive driver, don’t wait for things to get better on their own- they won’t. Call a lawyer with years of experience, who’s ready to work for you- call an attorney at The Cagle Law Firm. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation toll free at 1.800.685.3302 or locally 314.276.1681.