St. Louis Trip & Fall Accident Attorney

[cbc_video id=”10332″ volume=”30″ width=”350″ aspect_ratio=”16×9″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]There are certain cases of injury that come about as the result of negligence in maintaining a walking surface, whether on a sidewalk, street, in a building or out-of-doors.  Trip & fall accidents can result in serious injuries to the innocent victim, and a St. Louis trip & fall accident lawyer should be consulted at once.  At our firm, the legal team is prepared to analyze the case and advise you how to move forward with your claim for compensation for the injuries and other damages suffered.  As trip & fall accidents often result in fractures and other serious damage, it is important that you have legal representation that will pursue fair compensation in the case.

Trip & Fall Accident Lawyer in St. Louis

Recovering the medical costs that have come about through the injury is an important factor in any personal injury case.  Medical treatments in the St. Louis area can be extremely expensive, as they are throughout the country.  If your injury is the result of negligence in maintaining a building, street, sidewalk or other area, the responsible party must be forced to pay for the damages suffered.  Some trip and fall injuries are extremely serious, as in cases of skull, brain and spinal injuries.  There have been countless cases in which the individual involved lost their lives after a head injury from a trip and fall accident, and many in which hips, elbows, shoulders, arms and legs have been fractured.

No matter the degree of your injury, our legal team is dedicated to fighting for fair treatment for the injured client.  In any trip and fall accident, the documentation of the incident is an important aspect of the claim, and it must be carefully and correctly submitted.  The legal team at the firm is experienced in these claims and can review your situation and advise you how to move forward in recovering the costs related to the accident, which will vary depending upon the degree of injury.  Each case will be given the full attention it deserves.  However, moving quickly is important as the evidence may be lost when the property owner or manager repairs it after your accident.  Contact the firm as soon as possible after the injury so that the area in which it occurred can be fully documented for your case.

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