A tractor-trailer may fail to stop for other traffic or at an intersection for a number of reasons. The truck driver may misjudge the distance to the intersection and fail to start braking in time. The truck driver may be unable to stop after a traffic light changes. The trucker may be fatigued and fail to see the traffic light in time to stop. An overloaded truck or poorly adjusted brakes may cause a truck to run a stop sign or crosswalk. Whatever the reason, a truck driver’s failure to stop at a traffic light stop sign or in traffic can cause serious injury and catastrophic injury to other motorists in a truck crash.

Consequences of Failure to Stop at a Traffic Light, Stop Sign or Crosswalk

A truck driver’s failure to stop at an intersection can cause a multi-vehicle accident or start a chain reaction collision. A number of factors may cause a failure to stop: the trucker may not have given himself enough distance to brake; the trucker may have been speeding; the trucker may have misjudged the distance needed to stop completely; the truck may have been overloaded or have an inadequate onlinepharmacies247.com/paxil_generic.html brake system for the load being carried. Braking failure also may cause a failure to stop, perhaps due to the trucking company’s disregard for properly maintaining the truck’s braking system.

Pedestrians in a crosswalk and occupants of passenger cars and trucks struck by a speeding 18-wheeler may suffer catastrophic injuries, head and spinal injuries, permanent nerve damage, paralysis, and even loss of limbs or amputation. In the worst cases, a victim may be fatally injured by a truck driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign, traffic signal or crosswalk. When a truck driver fails to stop at a traffic signal, stop sign or crosswalk, he and his employer may be held liable for negligence.

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