[cbc_video id=”10403″ volume=”30″ width=”350″ aspect_ratio=”16×9″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]Under the laws in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky, people who are injured in accidents can make a claim for damages. Sometimes accident victims die as a result of their injuries. In these cases, surviving family members can bring a wrongful death action against the at-fault parties. However, there is a limited period of time in which the family member must bring this action.

Wrongful death cases can ensure that family members get the support they need after a loved one’s accidental death. A wrongful death claim may provide compensation for the lost wages that the victim would have contributed to the family if he or she had not died. Loss-of-companionship damages may also be available in wrongful death cases.

With a lifetime of lost wages as well as other damages, wrongful death claims can have large damage awards. Wrongful death claims can arise in a variety of different situations. In the video above, a St. Louis wrongful death lawsuit attorney at The Cagle Law Firm explains some of the different types of wrongful death claims that may arise.

If you have lost a close family member in a car accident, truck accident, construction accident or other accident, you should seek legal advice about bringing a wrongful death claim. Our Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky accident lawyers have extensive experience with wrongful death lawsuits and we can help you to recover the damages you deserve.

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