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Posted on April 14th, 2014,
by Zane Cagle

8 Quick Tips for All Car and Truck Drivers Regarding Motorcycles

Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Zane Cagle

motorycle seasonSpring is evident in the air and on our roadways.  With the warmer weather, so come the motorcycles. As a driver of a car or truck, there are at least 10 quick facts you should remember and raise your awareness about driving safely on the highways with motorcycles:

Eight Quick Tips for Car and Truck Drivers on the Roadways with Motorcycles:

  1. Over half of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, mot of the time the car or truck driver, not the motorcyclist is at fault.  There are many more cars and trucks on the roadways than motorcycles and some drivers “ignore” motorcyclist–usually unintentionally
  2. Because of the narrow and smaller size of a motorcycle, it can be easily hidden in a car’s blind spot or masked by objects or backgrounds outside a car. So, take a second look whether you are changing lanes or turning at intersections
  3. Because of it’s small size, a motorcycle may look farther away than it really is.  It may also be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed. When checking traffic, predict that a motorcycle is closer than it looks.
  4. Motorcyclist often slow down by downshifting or merely rolling off the throttle thus the brake lights are not always activated and lit. Allow more following distance, say 3 or 4 seconds when following a motorcycle.  Assume that a motorcycle may slow down without visual warning.
  5. Motorcyclist often adjust position in a lane to be seen more easily and to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles and wind.  Remember that motorcyclists usually adjust lane position with a reason and not to be reckless or show off or to share the same lane with you.
  6. Turn signals on motorcycles are not “self-cancelling”, thus some riders (especially beginners) forget to turn off a signal after the have turned or made a lane change.  Make sure the signal is for real and do not assume–same goes for any other vehicle.
  7. While maneuverability is one of a motorcycles best features especially at slower speeds and with good road conditions, you cannot assume a motorcyclists will always be able to dodge out of the way.
  8. Stopping distance for motorcycles is near the same as it is for cars, but slippery pavement makes stopping quickly even more difficult than for cars sometimes.  Allow more following distance behind any vehicles when pavement is wet or slippery

Motorcycle accidents are frequently serious. When other vehicles are involved with motorcycles, frequently it is the car or truck driver’s fault primarily due to inattentiveness or “not seeing” the motorcycle.  While motorcyclist have a safety obligation to driver responsibly, car and truck drivers have a responsibility to share the road and keep a look out for motorcycles. No matter how you feel about motorcyclists or bicyclist, we all share the road.  Driving safely and responsibly is a duty of each and every one of us.

If you have been in motorcycle accident?

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have been injured, you will need legal representation.  Our attorneys understand that motorcyclist have just as much right to share the roadways as anyone in a passenger car or commercial truck and motorcycle accidents can result in serious personal injury claims or even wrongful death. If you are injured because someone acted negligently, then you will need legal representation to get the compensation you deserve.  Call a St Louis wrongful death attorney at (314) 276-1681 for a free consultation.