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Posted on December 28th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Interstate Accidents Today in St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on December 28th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

Interstate Accidents Today in St. Louis, Missouri

Two serious accidents made the news today and have us wondering if weather was a factor in any of the crashes.  A crash occurred on I-270 in Hazelwood around 10 a.m. that involved two cars and a tractor trailer.  Another accident happened just a short time ago at Interstate 44 and Watson Road.  A woman was killed in the I-270 crash and others were transported to the hospital.  Injuries from the I-44 & Watson road crash are still unknown.  Multiple fire trucks and ambulances have responded to the I-44 crash and lanes are reduced to one.

After receiving snow flurries today, one would question if road conditions contributed to the afternoon accident.  Many factors can contribute to an auto accident or truck accident including heavy traffic and distractions such as texting and driving or inattention.  I wouldn’t want to speculate as to the causes of today’s tragedies. Most accident victims that I encounter are victims of inattention, whether it is carelessness, inattentiveness or substance related—all are due to inattention.  Diverting your eyes for a second or two can result in life changing injuries.

Just because you are in an auto accident, doesn’t mean that you need an attorney. Often, in most auto accidents, you do not need an attorney. Unless:

  1. You have been injured. Since your accident, you have had to seek medical treatment and you may or may not know how injured you are. Often is the case that individuals accept a great deal of pain right after an accident and think that pain/soreness will go away.  It is wise to seek medical evaluation right after the accident to be certain that no bones are broken and no head injuries have been sustained.
  2. The other driver is claiming that the accident is your fault.  If that is the case, then you need an attorney for thorough investigation and to interview witnesses.

In both accidents, investigations will need to be conducted to determine all factors and liability in the accidents.  Since the results of the afternoon accident have not been released, we can only hope that none of those individuals were seriously injured.

As we stop and celebrate NYE, we reflect on the people important in our lives.  After I read about auto accidents in the news and visit with client’s every day, I am reminded of what is truly important. It is rarely about the amount of the property damage—-cars are replaceable. But human life is not and nor is your good health. A car accident or truck accident can severely change you or a loved one’s life. Our firm represents the victims of auto and truck accidents who are seriously injured, meaning they have an injury that is going to change their lives.  These injuries range from disfigurement and death, to broken bones and back injuries.  Back and neck injuries are common in car accidents because of the trauma that the body goes through. Often, injuries to the discs are not diagnosed for some time after the accident simply because the victim assumes that there will be a time of pain and soreness after such trauma.  Finding out the extent of your injury is crucial before accepting any offers or signing any claims with ANY insurance group.

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