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Posted on October 23rd, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Caramel Apples, Big Squirrels & Halloween Safety in St. Louis

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by Zane Cagle

What to avoid on Halloween?  First, the classic caramel apple from a stranger!!!  Of course, and any candy that is not individually wrapped. Also, if you see a six-foot  squirrel, you may want to avoid it as it will be ME!

Halloween can be a dangerous time for kids! There are some safety tips that can make for a more safe and happy Halloween! Whether you have children or not, you still must observe safety in order to keep tragedy away. You may not think you need to know safety tips if you don’t have children, but all drivers must be especially observant on Halloween.

As a parent of a child, let common sense prevail. Small children should be accompanied by an adult. Even if older children are in the “pack” of trick-or-treaters, they can be excited by candy and other Halloween fun and may not closely supervise the smaller children. Accompanying children does not mean that you have to dress up, but rather you can be a distant observer that assists smaller children to and from houses and down the street.

Drivers everywhere should be aware that pedestrian traffic will be extremely high. Hitting a person is traumatic and hitting a child can be life changing for all.

Did you know that kids are twice as likely to be killed or injured as on Halloween than any other night of the year? Kids, in the dark, walking increases the chances that they will be in a pedestrian accident……………………so, drivers and parents observe and share these safety tips from Safe Kids USA:

Emphasize pedestrian safety before your child heads out to trick-or-treat. Or better yet, accompany them!

Safety Tips for Kids:

  1. Children under 12 should not trick-or-treat or cross the street without an adult.
  2. Always walk on the sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far left as possible.
  3. Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks.  Watch for cars that are turning or backing up.
  4. Look left, right and left again when crossing. Keep a look out as you cross. WALK, do not run across the street.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  1. Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods.  Children and excited at the prospect of getting candy and may running in unpredictable ways.
  2. Anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn on your headlights earlier in the day so you can spot children at greater distances.
  3. Remember that costumes can limit children’s visibility and they may not be able to see you.
  4. Reduce any distractions inside your car so you concentrate on your driving and your surroundings.

Costumes and Treats!

  1. Decorate costumes  and treat bags with reflective tape or stickers.
  2. Choose light colored costumes to improve visibility.
  3. Choose face paint instead of masks which can obstruct a child’s view.
  4. Look for non-toxic designations when choosing Halloween makeup.
  5. Avoid carrying sticks, swords or other sharp objects.
  6. Have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights in order to see and be seen better at night.
  7. Liquid in glow sticks can be hazardous, so be sure your child is old enough to understand not to break them.
  8. Check treats for tampering before children are allowed to eat them.  Throw away candy if the wrappers are torn, faded  and definitely do not eat any candy that is not in a wrapper.
  9. Be certain that the candy you give out is individually wrapped and safe. While the caramel apples of my childhood may have been terrific, you will only want to let your children eat the caramel apples that you or trusted family/friends prepare.

Keep Halloween safe by closely supervising little people and keeping a close look out for children while driving.  As a parent, I’m dressing up for the first time in many years in order to escort my 4 -r old and 2-yr old.  It is important that you go to neighborhoods that you know!  Of course, it is a great time for neighborhood holiday parties where children are able to show off their costumes and get candy all at one location.

If you are in my neighborhood, be on the lookout for a giant squirrel as that will be me!

At The Cagle Law Firm we want all children and adults to be safe on Halloween.  Look out for children during Halloween and let’s drive the injury and fatality incidents to zero this Halloween!  When it comes to preventing, awareness and repetition seem to be effective………………and you can never remind your child or drivers of too much safety.

The attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm represent seriously injured victims of accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents but we also represent personal injury victims of product liability. When you shop for Halloween treats, observer the warnings and cautions on the packaging.

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