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Posted on December 15th, 2003,
by Zane Cagle


J.K. v. Farmers Insurance & Progressive Northwest Insurance Company

Posted on December 15th, 2003 by Zane Cagle


Plaintiff was a passenger in a car that was crashed into by a drunk driver. At the time of the car crash the Plaintiff was a minor and unable to bring a cause of action against any responsible parties.

Plaintiff sustained serious injuries to her ankle which required several surgeries as a result of the car crash. The insurance company for the drunk driver agreed to pay its policy limits for Plaintiff’s injuries. However, this would have left the Plaintiff with very little in compensation after paying her medical bills from the severe injuries she suffered. Thus, Plaintiff made additional claims against two other auto insurance companies. Plaintiff made underinsured motorist claims against the insurance companies of the car in which she was a passenger in at the time of the crash and her auto insurance company.

Plaintiff’s counsel obtained the policy limits from both insurance carriers pursuant to each policies underinsured motorist provisions. Therefore, Plaintiff obtained a settlement from three (3) separate insurance companies for her injuries in the car crash.