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Posted on July 19th, 2016,
by Zane Cagle

Centralia, MO, Woman Dies in Three-Vehicle Crash

Posted on July 19th, 2016 by Zane Cagle

Three-Vehicle Crash on Missouri 22

BROKEN WINDOWThe Missouri Highway Patrol resp0nded to three-vehicle crash one-tenth of a mile west of County Road 379 in Audrain County.

The car crash occurred when a 20 year-old Centralia woman was driving a 2001 Lincoln Town Car westbound on Missouri 22. As the driver began to pass another westbound vehicle (not involved in the crash) and a 1998 GMC Pickup, driven by a 28 year-old Centralia man.

The driver of the Lincoln Town Car steered hard to the right causing her vehicle to rotate 90 degrees in the eastbound lane where it was struck broadside by the GMC which caused the GMC to hit a 2009 Pontiac G-6, driven by a 23 year old Centralia man.  The 20 year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene by the Audrain County Coroner.

The driver of the GMC received serious injuries and the Pontiac driver sustained minor injuries.

Multiple Vehicle Crashes

Multiple vehicle crashes area often chain-reaction crashes because they usually begin with two cars colliding and setting of a series of events that cause other vehicles to crash as well.  Multi-car crashes can cause very serious injuries for many different reasons including the fact that a single vehicle may maintain multiple impacts.  These types of crashes can become complex legally as there are usually multiple drivers and multiple insurance companies.

Multiple car crashes can occur in rural and metropolitan areas. Often, crashes occur on interstates and highways involving passing, incorrect lane change and crashes that occur in chain reactions after an initial collision.

If you approach a crash on the interstate or highway, it is safe idea to slow down dramatically and put on your hazards so that vehicles coming up behind you realize there is a incident ahead.

Injuries and Fatalities of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

It is critical to contact an expert car crash attorney as soon as possible following a serious motor vehicle crash that involves injuries or worse, a wrongful death.

Our attorneys represent the seriously injured and families of those killed in motor vehicle crashes. We know the unique struggles that individuals go through and the challenges facing families of those seriously injured or killed.

Often, after a fatal crash, it is very difficult for a family to think about hiring legal counsel, however, hiring an attorney can take the issues of liability and investigation off of your plate of worries.

After being the victim of a motor vehicle crash, our clients often feel relieved to have the legal portion of their worries handled by a professional so they can focus on all of the other areas of their lives that have been turned upside down.

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