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Posted on May 3rd, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Construction Zone Semi-Truck Crash, Boone County, Illinois

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 by Zane Cagle

Construction Zone Semi-Truck Crash, Boone County, IllinoisA semi-truck caught fire in an I-90/Route 20 accident in Boone County, Illinois Wednesday morning. In a construction zone on Interstate 90, a truck driver veered to the left while traveling eastbound. The truck struck the center median and caught fire.

A pick-up truck that was traveling westbound on Interstate 90 was hit by diesel fuel and debris from the truck catching fire.  It was reported, the truck driver’s injuries were minor and the driver of the pick-up was not injured. Semi-truck accidents can cause fatalities and severe injuries so thankfully

According to Illinois State Highway Patrol in the  Northwest Herald, the crash occured around 5:30 a.m. and the 27 year old truck driver was charged wtih improper lane use, driving while fatigued and faliure to reduce speed.

Construction zones: During spring, summer and fall months, road construction increases as weather permits workers to work on the highways and interstates.  Slowing down  in these areas is not only smart, it is the law.  During the spring and summer months, we read about so many auto accidents and truck accidents in highway construction zones since it forces traffic to slow down or make changes.  Any inattentiveness to driving or if you are speeding, these construction zones can easily create traffic hazards.

Certainly, any motor vehicle accident that shuts down an interstate for several hours is investigated as well as accidents that cause injury. We are thankful that  no one was seriously injured or killed in this semi-truck accident……..they don’t usually go so well when semi-trucks collide and catch fire when colliding with passenger cars as I talked about in our blog of last week in the Edens Expressway in Northfield, Illinois.

So, be cautious as you travel on the highways and interstates in Missouri and Illinois as road construction is continuous. The highway departments seem to work pretty hard at putting up signs and warnings for attentive drivers.  So, as they say in Missouri “Highway workers, give em a brake”!  Slow your vehicle down when you see upcoming construction and plan on allowing a little extra time when you travel. If you don’t run into construction, then hey, you are early!

If you have been in an auto accident or a semi-truck accident and have been seriously injured, you need legal representation. At The Cagle Law Firm, we know trucking laws and federal regulations for over the road carriers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has many regulations and standards for trucking companies and good trucking companies follow those regulations.  Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be to go through a serious injury or the loss of a loved one and how life changing that experience can be.  Compensation for your injuries if they are caused by another is critical to your future.

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