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Posted on December 19th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

National Crackdown on Drinking and Driving

Posted on December 19th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

PrintWe are in the thick of the holiday season!  The holidays are about many things including gathering with people you enjoy and sharing in food and merriment. Most have holiday parties cramming their schedules and alcohol is usually a part of that merriment.  There is only one problem with the holiday party time—drinking that leads to drunk driving.  Last year over 10,000 people were killed in drunk driving accidents and that is a 4.6 increase over the previous year.  Nothing puts a downer on a party faster than a death or serious injury.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration officials kicked off the annual “drive sober or get pulled over” a measure dedicated to getting the drunk and/or drugged drivers either to seek an alternative, or pay the consequences.  “Every 54 minutes during the holiday season drunk driving claims a life,” said Anthony Fox, a U.S. Transportation Secretary.—One person every hour…..killed needlessly due to a totally preventable decision.

Researchers say highly publicized and frequent sobriety checkpoints are big deterrents to reduce drunk driving related crashes and deaths by 20 percent.

Efforts & Guidelines to Reduce Drunk Driving

Efforts and guidelines such as ignition interlocks and breath devices prevent a car from starting if a driver’s blood alcohol level is too high. “Previous research of convicted drunk drivers show that those with interlocks installed are 75 percent less likely to repeat than those who do not,” said David Strickland, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator.

“What we know if that the first time a person gets caught it’s not their first time they’ve driven drunk”, said Jan Withers, national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Police officers are not trying to keep people from having a good time and I am not advocating for alcohol-free parties.  I’m simply advocating planning before you party as I do repeatedly in safety blogs.  A DUI can cost you your license, expensive lawyer fees, higher insurance rates and even your job. But the worse, if you drink and drive you could take a life or seriously injure someone including yourself.  If you injure or kill someone else because of your bad decisions, it is devastating not only to the family of the victim but to yourself.  It is immeasurably complicated and difficult to find peace after you take someone else’s life because you were driving drunk.


I have many clients who have had their lives forever changed by one person’s decision to drink and drive. Through the hardships of my clients,  I get daily reminders of the extreme danger and how  irresponsible it is to climb behind the wheel when you drink.  If you have been injured in an alcohol or drug related motor vehicle accident, you will need legal representation.  While criminal charges may be filed against the driver under the influence, that does not guarantee the convicted driver will have to pay anything toward your medical bills or lost wages.  You will be required to take up a third party case in order to have your medical bills and damages addressed.  It seems really unfair doesn’t it?  Someone climbs behind the wheel drunk, hits you and injures you and yet, you have to take the time to file a third party case to just get what is fair?!  It is not fair, but it is the process.  Consulting an expert personal injury attorney and letting us handle it for you is the best option. Trying to negotiate with insurance companies and adjusters and the insurance lawyers is complicated and time intensive. If you are severely injured, your focus must be your health and your family and our attorneys know and understand the process and how best to fight for you.

We get to know our clients and understand their process of recovery and loss so that we may better represent them whether it is in negotiating or in the courtroom. We aggressively represent our clients. For  a free consultation regarding a personal injury case or wrongful death case, please call (314)276-1681 or toll free (314) 276-1681

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