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Posted on April 13th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Driver Runs Red Light, Navy Man and Grandfather Killed in Mascoutah, Illinois

Posted on April 13th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

A 22 yr-old Navy man who was home on leave was killed in an auto accident in Mascoutah, Illinois after the car he was driving was hit by another motorist who apparently ran a red light. As well, the 22 yr-old’s grandfather was a passenger in the car and he was killed. Accoridng to The St.Louis Post Dispatch, the two were driving to get a car licensed since it was a recently purchased used Buick. Both men were headed to license the car before the 22 year old returned to Georgia on Monday for duty.

Often, I blog about auto accidents or truck accidents that involve gross negligence such as a driver consuming alcohol and then climbing behind the wheel to the result of ending up in a fatal drunk driving car accident. Invariably, the negligent person always feels extreme remorse and some never fully recover from a mistake that only took seconds to make.

In this auto accident, the men were driving east on Route 161 and as they were driving through an intersection with Route 4, the driver of a southbound Nissan hit their Buick on the driver’s side door. The Nissan was driven by a 44 yr-old woman of Pinckneyville, Illinois.

Bruce Fleshren, police chief of Mascoutah said the force of the collision sent both vehicles sliding toward a light pole in the southeast corner of the intersection. The passenger-side door where the 80 yr-old grandfather was sitting was smashed into the light pole.

The driver of the Nissan was issued a citation for running a red light. According to Fleshren, “It appears she ran the red light. There’s no indication of any alcohol or texting at this point. She thought she had the light”.  Fleshran further indicated the intersection is not obstructed or on a curve. “It’s a wide open intersection. Unfortunately, you have two highways going 55 miles an hour in both directions”.

The grandfather was a father to seven children and had been a member of the Boilermakers Local 27 from 1948 until his retirement in 1994.  The 22 year old grandson was visiting the St. Louis area to pick up the car and spend time with his family. He had been to visit his father in Oklahoma, who was a Purple Heart recipient in the Iraq war.

Everything about the Mascoutah auto accident is tragic.  Seemingly good people involved in a fatal accident that was avoidable.  The lady who ran the red light will no doubt remember it forever and have guilt and many nightmares.  Losing a loved one is horrible and losing a family patriarch and young life are devastating to families and friends.

From the articles, we can read that the Nissian driver did not purposely hit the grandfather and grandson and hopefully, the insurance companies involved will attempt to compensate the family. No amount of money will ever bring the young man and his grandfather back and family and friends have robbed of many memories because of this accident.

So what is the point of talking about such a tragedy in our blog?

If we can learn from the experiences in our lives whether they be negative or positive, then we are better people.  When facing such a mind numbing tragedy, it is hard to see how something positive can ever result  In the wake of these tragedies, I like to take the opportunity to emphasis safety on our highways and interstates. After an accident of this nature, the tragic consequences of a decision made in  just a few seconds can forever change lives.  As we read about auto accidents and truck accidents every day, we become somewhat desensitized to it as they are common.

If you have been in an auto accident and have been seriously injured or worse, have lost a loved one you should at least consult a personal injury attorney.  The loss of family member is both an emotional loss and often an economic loss. If someone is negligent in their behavior that causes injury or death, then ultimately someone has to be held responsible.  We all buy insurance for “accidents”, yet if someone makes a mistake, sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay or fully honor a claim.  My job is to hold those insurance carriers responsible.

After a tragic auto accident, family members are numb and in shock. Sometimes, it is not until several months later that they really recognize the true impact of the loss of a loved one both emotionally and economically. I have gotten to know many great people who were seriously injured or who lost a family member in a similar type of accident. They hesitated for a long time to contact a personal injury attorney because they felt like it was a “shifty” or unbecoming action.  Taking care of you and your family is never shifty or unbecoming.   If you have been injured or lost a loved one, you owe it to  you and your family to be educated on all options available to you.  You may not need an attorney and I am the first to let a potential client know if they don’t really need an attorney. Consultations are always free with personal injury attorneys for that very reason—-information seeking.  Attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm know that following such a tragedy you need stable, sensible advice and we are available at 1(314) 276-1681