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Posted on February 18th, 2009,
by Zane Cagle

Family Receives 4.4 Million for Baby’s Brain Injury

Posted on February 18th, 2009 by Zane Cagle

The parents of an infant received a damages award of $4.4 million this week after a jury ruled that the Rock Hill, South Carolina hospital and its staff was negligent during their daughter’s November 2003 birth.

The medical malpractice suit alleges that the baby suffered a permanent brain injury from a lack of oxygen because a nurse trainee assigned to the infant’s mother did not monitor fetal heart strips. As a result, she did not realize the baby was in distress until it was too late to avoid brain damage. Doctors performed immediate emergency intervention for the baby, but the lack of oxygen caused her to develop cerebral palsy, a condition that took her life less than five years later.

Birth injuries such as this one are unfortunately not uncommon as thousands of patients are either injured or killed because of a preventable medical mistake. If you have experienced an injury or death of a loved one because of the negligent acts of a health care professional, you may be entitled to a medical malpractice claim. The Medical Malpractice Lawyers of Page Cagle in St. Louis are available 24 hours a day to discuss your case and your legal options. Call Zane T. Cagle at 1(314) 276-1681 for your free consultation today.