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Posted on December 10th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

Fatal Crashes on the Rise in Missouri and Illinois

Posted on December 10th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

BROKEN WINDOW 3In 2015, there has been an increase in fatal traffic crashes across both Missouri and Illinois according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Illinois State Patrol reports.


Seven hundred and eighty people (780) have died in car accidents in Missouri. Officials estimate that number to rise to 800 by the end of the calendar year. This is an 11 percent increase over last year.

In 2014, 12 people died in Christmas holiday counting period traffic beginning 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 to 11:59, Sunday December 28, 2014 which included 284 crashes. There were also 91 injuries reported in those crashes.

These numbers do not include New Year’s Eve.


Currently, there have been 911 fatal crashes across Illinois compared to last year at 862.

Holiday Traffic

These numbers are disconcerting as we are only beginning the holiday season.  When comparing Thanksgiving travel from 2015 to 2014, we did see a fewer fatal crashes which is great.  But, Christmas, New Year Eve and the continuous parities in between generally take a toll on roadway travelers primarily because of the drunk driving and inattentiveness.

Preparing for Safe Holiday Travel

The Missouri State Highway Patrol always offers reminders on staying safe on the roadways over the holidays. Several suggestions help not only you but other drivers:

  1. Wear your Seat Belt
  2. Do not Drink and Drive
  3. If you are traveling on the interstate and see a disabled car, call 911. You can reach the Highway Patrol’s Emergency System by dialing *55 from any cell phone or 1.800.525.555 from any land line

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

While most cars will continue to warn the passengers in the car that a seat belt is not engaged, the irritation is far better than being thrown from a car during a crash.  Frequently, in car crashes, those who are ejected are more seriously injured if not killed. More often than not, wearing a seat belt helps to reduce the severity of the injuries if you are involved in a crash.  Certainly, make sure children are properly restrained.

Drinking and Driving

The end-of-year holidays are some of the most dangerous for drinking and driving as end-of-the-year parities and the entire month of December is usually full of various holiday parities. It is very easy to attend a party thinking you will only have one drink and five drinks later wonder how you will get home.  Just as in any other celebratory occasion, you must plan ahead.  Plan for the worst case scenario because your judgment is always impaired after drinking——it’s not when we make our best decisions.  Decide in advance…………if you have more than one drink over a several hour span, do not drive.

Actually, we advise that if you consume any alcohol, you should not drive.  Law enforcement work extra hard during the holidays to look for drunk drivers for the safety of all drivers.  Worse than a DUI however is a crash.

Involved in a Car Crash?

If you are involved in a car crash, you should immediately seek medical treatment.  I have blogged frequently on the Six Things NOT to do after a car accident in Missouri and the same advice holds true for Illinois. After you seek medical treatment, you need to contact an experienced car crash attorney.  Our attorneys are available seven days a week for free consultations.

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