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Posted on March 24th, 2014,
by Zane Cagle

Four Vehicle Crash on US 231 Near Interstate 64

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by Zane Cagle

Initial Semi-Truck Sideswiped-4 Vehicle Crash on US 231

truck accidentAccording to Friday’s news, a semi-tractor trailer sideswiped a southbound tractor trailer on US 231 Thursday afternoon causing a four-vehicle crash. The Illinois State Police reported that the semi-truck driven by a 37 year-old Evansville man was traveling north on US 231 approximately one-half mile from Interstate 64 when it went left of center, sideswiped another semi-tractor trailer driven by a 21 year old man of Attalla, Alabaman.  The sideswiped truck attempted to leave the roadway to avoid colliding with the first truck.

A Volkswagen Jetta driving by a 41 year old woman of Mariah Hill was traveling southbound behind the semi that was sideswiped and she drove off the road to avoid hitting the truck, through a ditch and struck a utility pole.

The first semi-truck, continued north still left of center and struck an Oldsmobile Alero head on driving by a 21 year old woman of Dupo, Illinois. The 21 year old woman was behind the Jetta, but the impact of the collision pushed the Oldsmobile northbound, spinning her car so that it came to rest facing north. She had to be extricated from the car.  Two passengers in the Oldsmobile, a 20 year old Dupo, Illinois man and a 48 year old man of Tilden, Illinois all suffered non-life threatening injuries. However, it was further reported that the 48-year old man was being treated for facial trauma and a possible broken back.

Currently, the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is investigating the wreck and police indicate that charges are pending on the initial truck driver. The accident occurred around 1 pm on Thursday.

Semi-truck accidents involving passenger vehicles

Generally, when semi-tractor trailers are involved in crashes with passenger cars, the occupants of the passenger cars are often seriously injured.  It would appear from the report that there were some serious injuries even though law enforcement categories injuries as “life threatening” or “non-life threatening”.  However, we do know that non-life threatening injuries can often be “life changing” injuries.

A thorough investigation and accident recreation may be necessary to determine the reason that the first truck sideswiped the other. There are many reasons a truck driver may drift out of their lane including distraction, fatigue or just inattention.  Of course, the investigation will determine if the driver was suffering from a medical condition or if the cause of the accident was distraction, fatigue or inattention.   The huge problem in any truck accident is the cause. Truck accidents can frequently become complicated, but often, the action or reaction that caused the accident may have resulted from a choice hours, days or weeks ago.  Improperly maintenance trucks are a common cause of truck accident and the choice to properly maintain a truck is done well in advance of the two to three seconds it takes for a crash to occur. Likewise, a driver obeying the FMCSA regulated Hours of Service so they do not become fatigued is a choice that truck drivers and trucking companies make daily. If a truck driver travels out of their lane due to fatigue, it was not necessarily that two second choice, but the driver’s choice to continue driving beyond the Hours of Service when fatigued. Or, the trucking company may have not complied with the hours of service requirements when they set deadlines for deliveries for the driver.

The above common causes are just that—common causes and not necessarily the reason for the above US 231 accident. We will be interested to see the results of the investigation of the US 231 accident.  Investigations are important for two reasons: one, to determine liability for injuries, and two, to learn more about the causes and contribute to actively preventing future trucking accidents.

Following a Trucking Accident

After you have been in a trucking accident, investigating and making sure the evidence is preserved is not really your top priority. Chances are, you are very busy seeking medical attention and recovering from your injuries.  Trucking accidents only get complicated because not only may the driver be at fault, but the trucking company employing the truck driver may also share in the liability. After a  trucking accident, you should contact an expert truck accident attorney as soon as possible to handle all of the investigation and insurance filings for you so that your best interests are priority number one!  Call our attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm for your free confidential consultation, locally (314) 276-1681 or toll free (800)685-3302