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Posted on October 26th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

Posted on October 26th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

Safety Tips for Halloween:


  • Decorating Pumpkins:  Have children decorate pumpkins with markers, glitter or paint and leave the carving to the adults
  • Use candles with care. Place candlelit pumpkins on sturdy surfaces, away from curtains and other flammable objects. Never leave candlelit pumpkins unattended. Try lighting pumpkins with flashlights, battery operated candles or glow sticks.


  • The brighter the better. Choose bright colors and flame-retardant material.  If children will be out after dark, attach reflective tape to their costumes and treat bags
  • Correct sizing.  Depending on the weather, make sure there is room under your child’s costume for warm clothing.  Be sure your child can walk/run safely in their costume–be sure it’s not too long or oversized shoes cause them to trip
  • Skip the mask.  A mask can obstruct a child’s vision. Use kid-friendly, non-toxic make up.
  • Limit accessories.  Limit the use of pointed props such as wands, swords and knives as they might pose a safety hazard


  • Be sure to accompany younger children-especially under 12 years of age.  Pin a piece of paper with your child’s name, address and phone number inside your child’s pocket in case you become separated.  Encourage kids to trick-or-treat in small groups of friends, parents or older siblings.  Make sure someone in the group has a flashlight and batteries
  • Set rules if your child will be trick-or-treating without you. Plan and discuss the route they will take, set a curfew and review safety rules such as staying with the group, approaching clearly lit houses and never going inside a house or car for a treat.  Be sure your child carries a cell phone for the evening so he or she can contact you
  • Inspect the treats carefully.  Don’t let you children eat treats while they are trick-or-treating.  Feed your child an early meal before they head out and inspect the treats before allowing them to dive in. Discard any treats not sealed or with torn packaging or if it looks in any way questionable.

Prepping Your House for Trick-or-Treat

  • Tidy up your yard. Make sure you remove things trick-or treaters could trip over such as garden hoses, bikes and lawn decorations. Clear the sidewalks to avoid slip and falls or trip and falls.
  • Turn the lights on–replace burned out lights and light the walkways to the front door
  • Pets–Keep them under control. Most likely, the number of people in costumes will frighten your pet(s). Keep your pets away from the door and take no chances they might bite a child
  • Consider sugar substitutes. Instead of candy, you may want to hand out stickers, fun pencils, rubber insects or colored chalk.

Driving About Town on Halloween

If you are driving on Halloween, be sure to observe the streets for foot traffic. Children do not always understand the danger of crossing the street or even remember to cross in crosswalks.

Be alert for pedestrians crossing the street especially near houses.  As trick-or-treating falls after dark, many children will be out after 6 p.m. and drivers should still be on the lookout until late in the evening.  Pedestrian accidents are always traumatic for all involved, not just the pedestrian.  Hitting a child is certainly one of the worst nightmares of drivers.  Traffic in general may increase on Halloween as party goer’s attend parties, thus be aware for drivers under the influence.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, contact an expert car accident attorney immediately.

Keep Halloween safe for all–trick-or-treaters and other drivers.

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