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Posted on March 21st, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Three Injured in Truck Crash in Chicago, Illinois

Posted on March 21st, 2012 by Zane Cagle

Three Injured in Truck Crash in Chicago, IllinoisA family was injured when their SUV crashed into a tractor truck, then the SUV hit a bus shelter in the neighborhood of Brighton Park. The 20-year old woman and mother was in critical condition and her 26 yr-old husband and two daughters, ages 1 and 3 have been classified as in stable condition. One of the daughters was considered in critical condition following the crash according to the Chicago Fire Department.

The SUV was going west on 35th Street when it crashed with the tractor-truck which was not pulling a trailer as it traveled north on Western Avenue.  After the initial crash, the SUV hit a CTA bus shelter and possibly damaged the nearby liquor store building.  At this time, investigators are still examining the causes of the Chicago truck accident according to the Chicago Tribune.

Vehicles that collide with semi-trucks usually sustain serious damage as well as the occupants simply because of the size and velocity of a truck.  If you or a loved one has been in a truck crash, it is important to first seek medical treatment, and then contact a personal injury attorney.  Drivers of trucks have to adhere to many national guidelines and small errors they make can create serious injuries or deaths.  Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney assures that important evidence is retained and a thorough investigation and recreation can be conducted if needed.

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