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Posted on November 22nd, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Kirbyville Elementary Receives $10K for iCan Read Program for First Graders

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 by Zane Cagle

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iCan Read-Technology to Enhance First Grade Reading Proficiency” is a new program promoting literacy through technology currently being implemented in Kirbyville Elementary School. An expert educational team at Kirbyville Elementary has developed a program focused on improving reading instruction for rural first grade students in Kirbyville Elementary in Taney County.  Principal, Addie Gaines and two first grade teachers, Laura Hiebert and Krischanda Moore, developed a program to address reading instruction for first graders through the iCan Read program utilizing iPads to improve current reading instruction focused on The Daily 5 (Boushy & Moser, 2006) Cagle Rural Reading awarded the Kirbyville grant of $10,000 and an additional 20 iPad protective cases for this program.

Cagle Rural Reading (CRR) is a non-profit sponsored by Zane T. Cagle of The Cagle Law Firm focused on promoting literacy through technology in rural and suburban areas.  Applicants such as schools, libraries and other literacy groups from around the state of Missouri submitted grant application plans designed around the needs of their students/clients to promote literacy through technology.  According to their proposal, Kirbyville will utilize the 20 iPads as part of their daily reading instruction for first grade classrooms.  Principal Gaines indicated the iPads will be used to support the current reading framework of The Daily 5 (Boushy & Moser, 2006) consisting of learning tasks supporting students to increase their reading abilities: reading independently, reading with someone, listening to someone read, working on writing and word work. Student will have access to e-books through iBooks, Storia and other online subscriptions to expand the library of reading choices for reading independently and with other children.  The interactivity of the e-books will allow individualization for students that may need support during the independent reading portion of The Daily 5.

Through the utilization of iPads, the availability of online materials exponentially expands the amount, level and type of reading materials available to students. By having 20 iPads, the number of student who have access to tablets will increase as well as the iPads can function as student listening centers as stories are read to students not ready to read independently.

The $10,000 grant was awarded at the October 16, 2013 CRR Board Meeting.  Board members include: Dr. Jody Wood, Saint Louis University, Dr. Jo Cagle, The Cagle Law Firm, Mary Scheetz, Waters Foundation and Rena Rockwell, Director of Professional Development at Ritenour Public Schools.  In the first year of the CRR, the board of directors were able to fund two grants including Kirbyville Elementary and Ash Grove Elementary.

Zane Cagle founded CRR with the expressed intent to give back to rural and suburban communities like the communities in which he was raised.  Literacy was a challenge for Zane while growing up but through perseverance and the help of great teachers and friends, he was able to overcome his literacy challenges. He attended University of Central Missouri and then completed his law degree at Washington University in St. Louis and is a personal injury trial attorney in St. Louis representing seriously injured victims of motor vehicle accidents including semi-trucks, car and motorcycles.  Cagle funds the non-profit by donating a portion of verdicts or settlements over $100,000 directly to the non-profit.  The Board of Directors developed the bylaws and determines how money is awarded and to what group funds are awarded.  Zane believes contributing to the financial resources of schools is a positive way to give back to the communities of Missouri.

Zane Cagle said, “I may be more thrilled than these first graders that we are getting to be a part of this great project with Kirbyville Elementary”! “The advances in technology and the emergence of the internet helped me in my particular learning style to overcome my reading problems.  Teachers are the experts about how to teach reading and the needs of their students. Our goal is not to tell experts how to educate but to serve as a small financial resource to those educational experts.  The Board read a lot of great grant proposals and we would have loved to have been able to fund them all. Educational experts such as Addie Gaines, Laura Hiebert and Krischanda Moore know their student’s needs and the best way to teach literacy, and our goal is to assist those experts in making a difference in the lives of young children through additional funding”.

We are looking forward to getting to know the staff and students at Kirbyville Elementary and learning more about how this project progresses!  Thank you to Kirbyville Elementary for sharing with us and allowing us to have a small part in your school.

For further information on funding opportunities through Cagle Rural Reading or if you would like to get involved, please contact The Cagle Law Firm via phone (314) 276-1681, toll free (314) 276-1681 or email Secretary/Treasurer Jo Cagle: [email protected].  More information,  grant applications, and videos are available under the Cagle Rural Reading tab on the site AllinjuryAttorney.com or you may visit us on Facebook –we love when you share your ideas and we invite you to see the exciting things happening in our partnering schools!