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Posted on August 30th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Labor Day Sobriety Checkpoints in St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on August 30th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

Labor Day Sobriety Checkpoints in St. Louis, MissouriThis is not going to be yet another article about the “meaning of the season”  often  forgotten when we celebrate Labor Day even though we all should revere the gains made by workers who unite for more safe working condition and equality. When we think Labor Day, we think of barbeques and end of summer.  It’s usually a holiday weekend  involving lots of celebration including alcohol and gatherings with friends and family. For many, it is a paid day off and that alone is reason to celebrate.

Auto accidents over Labor Day weekend are usually high and rank just under accident numbers for the Fourth of July.  Many think they are sneaky if they can avoid sobriety checkpoints all together. So, what is the point of sobriety checkpoints? And why would law enforcement announce in advance upcoming focus on sobriety checkpoints?

The reason they publicize checkpoints is to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while under the influence.  If drivers know there might be sobriety checkpoints, they may be less likely to climb behind the wheel after drinking.  The Missouri Highway Patrol purposely issues press releases telling the public they will be conducting sobriety checkpoints during holiday weekends but do not give locations for the very reason of discourageing drunk drivng state wide.   The purpose of sobriety checkpoints is to discourage drunk driving–plain and simple.Along with the fun of the holiday weekend, there are usually more accidents including motor vehicle accidents, boat accidents and motorcycle accidents.  There are several reasons for increased number of accidents including increased traffic on highways and interstates and the consumption of alcohol.

I’m not telling you to dial- down the celebrating…………I’m asking you to plan in advance.  If you ever read my blog, planning how you are going to party is a running theme.  If you are going to a party, the baseball game or travelling to the lake—be sure you have a sober person driving. Plan for the worst case scenario, meaning if you are away from home when drinking; plan where you can stay—just in case.  If you are having a party—take everyone’s keys at the door.  This is not a popular move, I will assure you.  From personal experience (I’m sure most all of us have had this experience), people do not always buy paxil in uk make the best decision when under the influence.

Classic rationale—“I just had a couple…. I’m good”.  Well, a couple over a 12 hour period of time or two shots in the last half hour?  We also not good judges of time when we are under the influence.  The big thing to remember is to make those decisions in advance of the drinking and let the important people know your plans in advance (like the people you are going to stay with) Then, if you do become a little drunk and  then try to make a “game time” decision to drive, your friends and family will remind you that you already planned ahead.

It doesn’t feel very spontaneous to have a “drunk plan” in place. But being in a drunk driving auto accident where you or another are seriously injured or killed pretty much ruins much spontaneity in your life.  Some simple planning can make all the difference in your or another’s life.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we represent victims of accidents with serious injuries.  If you have not been injured, then you probably do not need a personal injury attorney.  If you are unsure, here are a couple of good determiners to decide if you need a personal injury attorney:

  1. If you have been injured, you need an attorney regardless of what kind of insurance  you have.
  2. If the other party is claiming the accident is your fault, then you need an attorney.
  3. If the other party could possibly say it was your fault, then you need an attorney
  4. The police report does not in and of itself determine liability. Just because the police report said the other party hit you does not mean the insurance company will pay for your property damage or all of your medical expenses. In fact, if you are seriously injured or you have lost a loved one (wrongful death), you may not receive nearly the compensation that you deserve without an attorney

So, general rule of Labor Day Weekend and every weekend to come—-do not drink alcohol and drive. If you  have been injured in an auto accident or motorcycle accident, our attorneys are available seven days a week to answer your questions.

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