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Posted on October 29th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

Mother and Three Children Struck While on Interstate 55/70 in Illinois

Posted on October 29th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

Roller Derby Player and Mother of Three Struck and Killed

BROKEN WINDOW 3 (1)A member of the Confluence Crush Roller Derby team in Belleville was struck and killed on east Interstate 55/70 near Maryville, Illinois last Thursday night. The fatal crash occurred around 8 p.m. last Thursday evening when the victim was heading east on Interstate 55/70 and had car trouble.  She pulled to the shoulder and got out of the car.  When she got out, she was struck by a pick up truck. The truck also hit her car with her three children inside.  The 27-year old mother was pronounced dead at the scene and her three children were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Illinois State Police Arrest Pick up Driver

ISP arrested the driver 38 year-old driver of the pickup at the scene and Madison County State’s Attorney has charged him with one count of aggravated driving under the influence causing death .  The drunk driving charges are allegations and the driver is innocent until proven guilty.

Highway and Interstate Shoulders are Dangerous

This is yet another tragic crash that we have seen time and time again on the shoulders of a highway or interstate.  In this situation, the mother was experiencing car trouble and pulled to the side of the roadway. Perhaps, she didn’t have any other choice. If your car breaks down on a highway or interstate, often times the shoulder is a very unsafe place. In this tragic scene, the children remained in the car but the car was struck.  We have had this exact scenario occur to some of our clients which raises our awareness for just how dangerous it can be to pull to the shoulder.  One would think that the shoulder of a highway would not have to be life-threatenting and you wouldn’t have to be so concerned about someone hitting you if you are NOT on the actual highway lanes.

Unfortunately, we see this happen far too often.  Just this summer a tractor-trailer veered off the highway and struck multiple motorcyclesparked on the shoulder in North Carolina.  The tractor-trailer actually drove entirely off of the road, hit the motorcyclists, drove back onto the highway and stopped almost half of a mile down the road.  At the time of the investigation, it was proposed that perhaps the tractor trailer driver fell asleep.  However, that crash resulted in fatalities and serious injuries.  Interstates are particularly dangerous in this regard as prior stories we have shared.  When other drivers do not see hazard lights, are traveling too fast for conditionsinattentive, drowsy or drunk; they can make it very dangerous for those drivers who have had car problems resulting in their car stalling on the side of the road.

Officers Recommendations if Have Vehicle Problems

Officers, both in Missouri and Illinois deal with this dangerous scenario every day. Frequently, they pull cars over to the shoulder of the road or assist stranded motorists and it is always dangerous.  Experts recommend that if there is any way possible to get your car to an exit, it is far safer. Also, they recommend that if you do have to pull to the shoulder, you get out of the vehicle and get far away from your car and call for 911 assistance right away.  You may not think it is a 911 situation, but it most definitely is.

Possible Injury or Loss of Life–Always a 911 Call

Anytime a crash fatality occurs, it is tragic.  According to reports, she was a single parent, working two jobs and going to college.  All three children were under the age of 12 years of age.    If the pick-up driver was in fact drunk, this crash is by definition a negligent act.

If your car breaks down on an interstate or highway, call 911 immediately. Get everyone out of the vehicle and away from the vehicle. You never know if other drivers will be impaired or able to see your car.  Probably what seemed like a minor problem and big inconvenience for this mother turned into a tragic wrongful death. We don’t know if the crash occurred as soon as she pulled over and if she even had time to get her children out of the car before the crash.  These types of crashes are just shocking to us and should be. We should be shocked and angry about a death and injuries that could have easily been prevented.

If You are Involved In a Motor Vehicle Crash…

You need to call the authorities immediately, seek medical assistance and call an expert car crash attorney. Our attorneys assist victims of motor vehicle accidents in Illinois and Missouri.

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