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Posted on July 31st, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

National Heatstroke Prevention Day is Today

Posted on July 31st, 2015 by Zane Cagle

Look Before You Lock

#heatstrokekillsNearly every 10 days, a child dies due to vehicular heatstroke.  So far, in  2015, 19 children have died in the U.S. due to vehicular heatstroke. Today, July 31, generally one of the hottest days in the Midwest, we would like to remind you this can happen to anyone.

#Lookbeforeyoulock is a safety public service announcement giving caregivers useful tips to avoid inadvertently leaving their child in a vehicle.

You may think this kind of tragedy only happens to bad parents. We often think, “It can never happen to me, I’m a good parent” because it is just too awful to think it could happen to you.    KidsAndCars.org, a non-profit organization that works to keep children safe in and around motor vehicles shares parent’s  stories .

The tragedies are heart-breaking and very surreal.  It makes us cringe when we realize children getting locked in cars or being left in cars can happen so easily to the best of parents.


This tragedy is not secluded to any race, socio-economic status and yet, none of those parents will ever be the same.  As a parent, we exist to protect our children–it’s an instinct that even animals share. Thus, the mere notion that as a parent, you could actually cause the death of your child is unthinkable.

Common Themes

There are some common themes in these tragedies.  In almost all situations, the parent was distracted and inadvertently left the child.  In many situations, the child falls asleep during the ride and the parent concentrates on driving and the events of the day and inadvertently forgets the child is there.  The temperatures at the end of July are not forgiving and injury and death can happen in such a short time.

In some situations, the children climbed in the parked car while playing and became trapped.  These deaths can occur in less than 10 minutes. Have you have ever left your five or six year old unattended in your home for 10 minutes?  Be sure you lock your vehicles even if they are in the garage.

The families of these children will never be quite the same and their messages to other parents seems to be similar in that they never thought it could happen to them and their hope is to share their story to prevent it from happening to another child.

Share to Inform

The reason we share is to inform.  It’s unpleasant information to share but if sharing prevents just one child’s death, then the campaigns are successful.  Janette Fennel at KidsAndCars.org and her staff work tirelessly in the prevention of child injuries and death in and around cars. Their website is full of practical information and help for parents and caregivers and they work on legislation to improve the safety and manufacturing of cars for child safety.

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