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Posted on April 16th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

National Work Zone Awareness Week-April 15-19–Newer Missouri Laws in Road Work Zones

Posted on April 16th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

Work Zone Safety--"We're All In This Together"

Work Zone Safety–“We’re All In This Together”

Each year in April, National Work Zone Awareness Week is held to raise awareness for motorists about highway worker safety and mobility issues in road work zones.  This week, April 15-19 is National Work Zone Awareness Week. The theme is “Work Zone Safety: We’re All In This Together”.  The 2013 campaign discusses the complexities of work zones, especially in urban area.  They highlight the need for planning by all including the departments of state transportations, road workers, drivers, bicyclist, motorcycles, pedestrians, emergency response, law enforcement and utility workers.

National Work Zone Awareness Week is held in April at a time that coincides with increased highway and interstate work zones.  Raising awareness and influencing drivers to be aware about the possible dangers of road work construction zones is one of the goals.  Jefferson City officials urge motorists to be cautious in highway work zones.  This reminder comes as the DOT begins its spring and summer roadwork.  MoDOT reminds to “Slow down, take care in work zones…”

A  Missouri law that was approved last year requires drivers to change lanes and yield for transportation agency vehicles with amber or white lights including those marked for emergency response or motorist assistance.  According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, almost all states including Missouri and Illinois have increased penalties for speeding in work zones:  Missouri lists speeding/passing adds an additional $250 (1st offense); additional $300 (subsequent offenses) where workers and signs are present.  Illinois penalities are a bit more stiff in that the penality for speeding in a work zone is $375 for first offense and $1,000 for subsequent offenses whether workers are actually in the work zone as long as signs are posted.

According to MoDOT, 16 of its workers have been killed on the job since 2000.  The last employee killed was a worker on Interstate 70 in Independence last September as he was helping to reroute traffic around the scene of a four-vehicle accident.

So, do yourself and the road workers a favor……..slow down, safely change lanes and obey road warning signs around road construction areas. Typically, interstate roadway construction zones tend to have the most fatal and serious injury accidents for the primary reason of the speed of the vehicles on the interstate.   A few seconds of inattentive driving can cause you to miss a warning sign. Missing a warning sign for upcoming zones can be exceptionally treacherous for semi-trucks since they require longer stopping distance which can also contribute to multiple vehicle accidents in road construction zones. Spring and summer months see an increase of semi-truck accidents and car accidents around work zones including multi-vehicle accidents. Many of these of these accidents can be avoided by simply raising individual awareness of construction zones.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we represent those seriously injured in many kinds of accidents including motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents. Sometimes road construction situations or a driver’s failure to slow down and follow the construction zone warnings can contribute to fatal crashes or serious injuries.  Because we see the consequences of these crashes in individual’s lives in personal injury and wrongful death cases, we like to raise awareness of such events like The National Work Zone Awareness Week in order to help reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities.

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