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Posted on December 30th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

New Year’s Eve–Avoid Drinking and Driving in St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on December 30th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

NYE 2013New Years Eve is a huge night out for many and that means crowds of people wherever you go. People will be swarming to metropolitan hubs around the country. New Year’s Eve is one of the few holidays that is celebrated around the globe.  Individuals feed off of other’s excitement and sometimes, things can get out of hand.  Everyone wants to have an unforgettable night to ring in their new year, but we all want it to be in a good way!

By planning in advance, you can be sure that you and your friends ring in the New Year safely:

  1. 1.Designate a Driver: If you are drinking, then you should not be driving this NYE.  As a group, designate one person who will not be drinking and who will be behind the wheel.  Local authorities usually set up road blocks to discourage drunk driving, so avoid a ticket or a possible crash by designating a driver, calling a cab or taking public transportation—plan before you drink
  2.  Be alert– Be aware of your surroundings and how others are acting.  Stay away from individuals who seem out of control as taking preventative measures is key. If you see someone really intoxicated, prevent them from trying to drive or leaving with someone they do not know.
  3. 3.Don’t Drive: If you do not have to get behind the wheel, avoid it. More people will be driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve than on any other night of the year, so if you do not have to drive, then do not as you might avoid potentially dangerous accident.  Drive defensively and assume others are under the influence.  Take public transportation when you can or crash at a friend’s house.  Whatever your plans—make a plan before you being your party.
  4. Stick Together:  When we stick together we can look out for one another.  This is especially true for women when going out to parties and night clubs.  Keep an eye out for one another
  5. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake:  A majority of people will be drinking on NYE and there is nothing wrong with that—but pay attention to the amount you are consuming.  You can overdrink in a lethal amount that will cause far more damage than just a hang over
  6. Go online and look for transportation home before you leave for the party  https://duijusticelink.aaa.com/for-the-public/aaas-role/public-education/sober-ride/

St. Louis

Scooter Guy

  • Phone: (314) 255-1800
  • Hours M-TH 12PM-12AM, F-SAT 12 PM-3AM, SUN 10AM-6PM
  • Details: Memberships available, $45-$55 depending on distance.
  • A driver takes you home in your own vehicle

St. Louis Designated Driver

  • Phone: (314) 330-6598
  • Hours: 7PM-2AM Monday-Sunday
  • Details:  A driver drives you home in your own vehicle—$37 flat fee for 15 miles, additional fee for extra miles and extra drop offs.
  • https://www.yelp.com/biz/st-louis-designated-driver-chesterfield-2

Be My DD

Of course, cabs and public transportation are always a good idea!

Use common sense on NYE when sense is not so common. Plan before you party!

As drunk driving is one of the most avoidable factors in car accidents, we ask you to please plan before you begin partying. Too many lives are lost and too many people are injured every year over New Year’s Eve due to drunk driving.  Start your New Year off with a just hangover rather than an accident by simply planning before you go out!

If you have been injured in a car accident, then you may need legal representation.  Our attorneys aggressively represent victims of car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents and we see far too many injuries and deaths due to drunk driving.  Consultations are always free at The Cagle Law Firm (314) 276-1681 or toll free (314) 276-1681