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Posted on February 16th, 2009,
by Zane Cagle

Railroad Signalman Awarded $48 Million in FELA Suit

Posted on February 16th, 2009 by Zane Cagle

Railway Worker Injured

After repeated legal motions and appeals, a California judge recently upheld the largest verdict under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act in history- $48 million. The plaintiff, was a railroad signalman when he was involved in an auto accident in 2007 that resulted in the paralysis of all four of his limbs.

At the time of the accident, the victim was a passenger in a company-owned truck when a coworker became distracted and lost control of the vehicle, sending it down an embankment and in front of oncoming traffic resulting in serious, life changing injuries for the victim.

Throughout the case, the railroad company attempted every argument denying liability despite the fact that FELA clearly states that a railway is held liable for the negligence of a co-worker. Last fall, a jury awarded the victim $48 million in damages, but railroad company attorneys pushed for further judicial review. Even despite the most recent judicial upholding, the rail road lawyers indicate they still intend to appeal to a higher court.

Since the accident, the signalman’s  life changed dramatically as he now relies on family and professional caretakers to assist with daily tasks. He needs constant daily care as well as rehabilitation. He hopes to someday learn how to drive a car again.

Railroad accidents can have devastating and permanent effects on rail workers. If you have been involved in an accident at work and you feel it was the result of negligence, contact The Cagle Law Firm  today and speak with a FELA Attorney about your case. With our help, you could recover damages for injuries, medical bills, lost income, and other financial hardships.

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