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Posted on March 25th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Record March Snow Storm Impacts St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on March 25th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

Record March Snow Storm Impacts St. Louis, MissouriThe greater St. Louis area is digging out from under a foot of snow in some areas in this early spring snow storm.  Areas to the north of St. Louis were hit with even heavier snow fall. Sources say the snowfall accumulated up to two inches of snow per hour. If you were out shoveling and clearing your drive and walkways like me, then you believe that it was coming down that fast.  Record setting snowfall was not my idea of a way to spend spring break!

According to KMOV, the 12.6 inches we received in a 24 hour period broke the following records:

–12.6 inches was the most snow since the snow blizzard of 1982

–it was 54 degrees on Saturday, then it snowed a foot on Sunday.  The last time we had a big snow in March, we got 10 inches and it was 66 degrees the day before

–50 miles was the difference between the biggest and smallest snow totals on Sunday, Mt. Olive, Illinois got 16.2 inches while Nashville, Illinois had 1 inch.

–The last snow season, St. Louis had 6.3 inches, now we have 27.7 inches. Our average is about 17-18 inches per year

–Last March was the warmest on record with 12 days in the 80 degree temperatures, this March we had the biggest snow storm on record

Blowing snow decreased visibility which resulted in several auto accidents including a snow plow that slid into a ditch.  Area schools, churches and organizations cancelled events due to the weather.

Today as you shovel out your cars and resume your travels, be safe and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.  Thankfully, the snow came over a weekend and thus commuters were not trying to go to work amidst snow plows trying to clear the highways and interstates.  According to reports, most highways and interstates are now pretty clear but authorities warn that there are definitely slick spots.  Overpasses, entrance ramps and exit ramps can still be slick. As well, side streets and rural roads may still be somewhat hazardous.

Before taking off in your car, be sure check news reports and online forecasts for road conditions to your destination.  Take your time and drive slowly.  It increases safety and visibility when your car is completely cleared of snow and ice. This increases your visibility to other drivers and your ability to see other cars and road conditions. A couple of handy sites to check out before you drive:

Missouri Highway Patrol– Road Conditions

Illinois Department of Transportation

Bad road conditions can be a factor in auto accidents. However, when we slow down and pay attention, it decreases the chances for accidents. Each of us can only control how we behave behind the wheel and each of us are accountable for the choices that we make. Each of us can be certain that we are not climbing behind the wheel if we have been consuming alcohol. As well, each of us can choose to increase our following distance during inclement weather.  Paying attention and raising your level of awareness decreases the chances of driving while distracted.  If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and you have been injured, then you may need legal respresentation.  Determining whether or not you need an attorney can be a difficult process.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we speak with many individuals daily and help them determine if they need counsel. Often times, individuals do not need an attorney.  Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations that you should take advantage of if you have been in an accident.  Gathering information quickly after an accident increases the liklihood that your claim will be resolved more quickly.  Negotiating with an insurance company can be a complicated task if you have injuries.  Call toll free 1.800. 685.3302 or 314.276.1681 if you have questions.