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Posted on November 15th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Sharp Shooter–Answer to Deer Problem in Town & Country, Missouri?

Posted on November 15th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

Sharp Shooter--Answer to Deer Problem in Town & Country, Missouri?The town of Town and Country in St. Louis approved the hiring of a sharp shooter to kill 125 deer.  According to reports, the aldermen voted to hire the sharp shooter as a measure aimed at curbing motor vehicle accident involving deer.  The board voted the same way last year.  One Town and Country resident said, “It does not work. The year before there were 63 accidents involving deer and this year there have been 65”. Deer related accidents usually mean collisions with cars or other passenger vehicles.  Passenger cars do not usually do as well as a semi-truck in deer collsions. And, deer collisions can easily be fatal if a motorcycle crashes into them.

According to sources, this debate has been going on for some time in the Town and Country community.  Many feel the deer are too numerous and that killing them is the best option to decrease the number of deer related accidents, others feel that the killing of the deer sets a bad example and does not work.

While I only lived in the Town & Country area for about two years, I did see a lot of deer when I would drive home late from the office.  Since I grew up in a rural area in Southwest Missouri, I became accustomed to being on the look-out for deer. Deer are unpredictable when cars approach, thus we all understand the expression “deer in the headlight” look.  Deer may stop and stare, quickly dart over the road, or they may even run at you. When a car collides with a deer, the damage can be extremely dangerous.  During deer season, the highways and side roads are much more populated by deer than when deer season is not going.  The gun shots of deer season and the mating season have deer on the move which adds to their unpredictability when they cross the highways and interstates.

Collisions with deer while driving a motor vehicle can not only result in serious injuries but even fatalities.  A well-traveled highway or interstate is not immune from deer.  Even in the heavy traffic if Interstate 44 and Interstate 70, deer can be found crossing the highway. They are fast and highly unpredictable.  More than once, I have held my breath, slowed down and hoped they got out of the way. When you are in traffic, it is hard to swerve to avoid the deer.  Often times, I see accidents where a driver tried to swerve to avoid hitting the deer and then hit another vehicle.  It’s not like hitting an opossum or rodent in the road.  Even smaller animals can do large damage to vehicles, but seemingly the deer is the animal that has the speed and numbers to really make statistics.

What is the answer to the problem of accidents involving deer?  I would love to know and I’m sure the Board of Alderman in Town & Country would love to know.  If you have suggestions or comments, we welcome them!

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