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Posted on October 19th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

St. Louis Cardinals!!! Lots of Partying–Have an “Exit” Plan!

Posted on October 19th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

St. Louis Cardinals!!! Lots of Partying--Have an "Exit" Plan!All of St. Louis and the surrounding areas are thrilled that once again this year, the Cardinals are in the playoffs!  As I amin my office this afternoon, I can see and hear the traffic from all of Missouri and Illinois picking up downtown for the celebration before and after the game tonight. It’s all a buzz!  I’m pretty thrilled to be headed over to the game in a few short hours, but I had to do some planning before I left home.   I would encourage all that are headed out to the game tonight or to any of the football or baseball games, that you do one thing……………PLAN!

As for planning, I did a couple of things this morning: First, I carpooled this morning so that my car would not be downtown.  I took the possiblilty of driving out of the equation. Hotdogs and beer never taste better than at the ballpark and the effects can add up quickly.  After tossing down a few of those large beers, climbing behind the wheel of a car is the last thing to do.  I have too many clients that have had their lives forever changed by a driver under the influence that resulted in an auto accident.

Hey, the playoffs and parties are supposed to be happy occasions!  Let’s not sully the weekend by inviting tragedy and heartache. Certainly, if the Cards win, I will be one of those 100’s of people that are looking for a cab out of downtown tonight.  Or, I will catch the Metro to get back home. I’ve brought some sweatshirts so the cold won’t hinder me from walking a few blocks.  Besides, it’s always a good idea to walk off some of the 1000’s of calories that you consume! And, I plan to practice some self-restraint so that I’m not falling down and unable to walk.

What I have experienced and seen in my “research” on drinking is that we never make our best decisions after drinking, so make some decisions before the drinking begins.  Some of the following tips sure make the following day after drinking a better day:

  • Be sure to eat a full meal before drinking, or be sure that you are snacking on a regular basis and do not do a alcohol liquid-only diet
  • Wear and take plenty of warm clothes in case you have to wait for a cab, bus or rail
  • Plan your transportation home from the event
  • Check with your fellow friends to be sure they have an “exit” plan from the game/party
  • Have an emergency number of a friend or family member that you can call should you find that you are in a no-transportation area and need help
  • Don’t plan to drive early the next day as your blood alcohol may still be too high from the prior night’s activities
  • Don’t try to do shot after shot…………..the goal is to relax and enjoy the game and the company—not to become the slovenly Donkey at the game. Trust me, we’ve all been there and it’s not a fond memory the next day.  When you don’t remember anything you said or did, you have probably done some really stupid things.  Just be sure it was only your reputation that was in danger, not your or another’s life
  • Enjoy the Game!
  • Go Cards!!

Again, enjoy the weekend of fun filled sports in St. Louis and we will hope that a win tonight will result in many more festive nights in the weeks to come!  Plan, Plan, Plan. Sometimes, even spontaneity needs some kind of plan.

Don’t drink and attempt to drive.  Those who think they are good drivers when they drink are sadly mistaken. No one wants to stop your fun, but no one wants to get hurt in the process of a good time. While I represnt seriously injured victims of motorcycle acciedents, car accidents, truck accidents, I would much prefer that everyone have a safe weekend.  A wrongful death is no way to remember one of the best times of the year. So plan you exit strategy tonigh!

I know I will enjoy the Cardinals game and the festivities and I encourage all other St. Louisans to follow my planning lead!

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