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Posted on August 30th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

St. Louis Drivers in Accident Every 9.2 Years (AVG)—You Need “Underinsured” Insurance

Posted on August 30th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

St. Louis Drivers in Accident Every 9.2 Years (AVG)How many times have you been flipped off while driving the streets or highways of St. Louis, MO? Not many, I hope.  How many times have you veered to keep from hitting someone while they jawed away on their phone? Or caught someone encroaching on your lane while they frantically answered a text—waving their phone in front of their face while fighting the wheel?

 We’ve all passed someone at one time or the other that was doing a number of things besides driving.  I followed a guy the other day that had both hands in the air gesturing to the passenger for 20 miles…………….never put his hands on the wheel. Needless to say, I was anxious to get around him so I did not get hit with the debris from his crash. Recounting these kinds of crazy driving stories are funny only if no one is hurt or there isn’t a wreck.  Unfortunately, what I see on a daily basis is the result of inattentiveness that I am making light of in this blog.  Don’t misunderstand me; it is not a funny matter!

We all have our sections/streets in the Lou that we dislike.  I’m guessing the intersections of I-64/40 and Interstate 270 as well as several areas on I-70 are on everyone’s top 10 list of most hated places to drive in St. Louis. But according to a recent statistic put out by Allstate Insurance, St. Louis is actually right in the middle of the list of best/worst cities to drive.  St. Louis came in at 101 with Washington DC being the most unsafe. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has the safest drivers according to Allstate’s statistics which were published in “St. Louisans Not the Best Drivers in America….Not the Worst” by KMOX.

In Sioux Falls, SD the average driver gets into an auto accident every 13.8 years.  Springfield, Missouri was listed as the 10th best city for driver safety with the average time between accidents as  12.1 years.  Kansas City came in just below with an average of 12.1 years and St. Louis came in at 9.2 years.

Nine years?  An accident every 9 years for the average driver?!! How many accidents does that average in a lifetime?  Too many!

By the time you am 50 yrs of age, you may have been in an average of 5 car accidents!  Let’s hope Allstate was counting every glass claim and damage to parked cars.  But, I dare to guess they are not. Let me tell you…………….from what I have seen as a personal injury attorney, the likelihood that you would survive 5 serious car accidents involving serious injuries is not good.

Certainly, Allstate publishes such information to heighten the need for auto insurance and I cannot reinforce that idea too much. Not only is having auto insurance the law, but it is a smart action to take.  With an average of an auto accident in the best cities at 13.8 years, the likelihood that you will be in an auto accident is very good.

Does anyone find it interesting that Springfield, Missouri was considered safer in regard to the number of auto accidents than Washington DC?  Logically, one would guess that Washington DC has far more cars, congested traffic and roadway to increase those statistics. The statistic release was the 5th annual release for Allstate.

One thing you might not have considered is the importance of “underinsured  motorist” insurance.  Most of us buy “uninsured” motorist insurance and of course, liability. But what if you are hit by someone with the Missouri minimum liability and you only have liability but you sustain a serious injury?  You are often out of luck, my friend.  It doesn’t take much of an injury to rack up $25,000 in medical bills. If the insurance companies only offer you a fraction of the policy limit, then you have to pay the remainder out of pocket. And, that is only usually after weeks/months of haggling fault and responsibility with the insurance companies. Therefore, I recommend buying “underinsured” motorist insurance.

Hey, I know, I’m a lawyer and not an insurance salesman. I do not usually plug insurance services, but in this instance, it is helpful. If you are seriously injured, then you can never have too much insurance. And if you live in a metropolitan area, the odds that the person that hits you is non-insured or underinsured  increases.

The additional coverage of “underinsured motorist” is not usually really expensive but may make a big difference in your claim/settlement. Insurance sales people do not instinctively offer “underinsured motorist insurance” and if I did not negotiate daily with insurance companies, I might not be such an advocate.  Check with your insurance agent today about “underinsured motorist insurance”.  If I, as a Missouri personal injury attorney, carry this insurance for myself and my family, it should be evident how important this coverage can be.

With the average of an accident every 9.2 years in St. Louis, it is better to be prepared and have all of the information.

As well, The Cagle Law Firm offers a free mobile application called Injury Attorney. You can download this app to your iPhone or Droid and it lists the steps to take following an accident.  As well, we offer a glove box form for you to print and keep in your car to remind you of important information to get should you be in an auto accident.  Obviously, the app and the form are for those that are not critically injured as the critically injured cannot take pictures of their car or the crash scene.

Help yourself and loved ones to be more prepared in case of an automobile accident by downloading our app or our glove box form. Gathering the information does not ensure that you have to file a suit against someone, rather right after the crash is often the only time you will have to gather the most information.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, you should call a personal injury attorney right away after seeking medical assistance.  Consulting an attorney gives you more information from the beginning of the process, because believe me, it is always a process! Whether it is a minor fender bender or a serious crash, it will not be easy to navigate.  It’s what we do at The Cagle Law Firm everyday…….help those that are seriously injured.  Call Zane T. Cagle at 1(314) 276-1681 for your free consultation today.