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Being involved in a car accident, even a minor one, can be a traumatic event. A motor vehicle accident can cause serious injuries for everyone involved in a matter of seconds. There’s very little you can do to prepare yourself for a car crash. After a crash, you could be left with severe injuries and financial damages and not know what to do next. These injuries can cause you a great deal of pain and could cause complications long after the accident. Among the most common injuries that victims of car accidents suffer from are chest injuries, which can be life-threatening. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from a chest injury caused by a car accident, you need financial compensation to help you recover from the medical expenses and possible lost work. A chest injury lawyer in St. Louis, MO, from The Cagle Law Firm can help you receive compensation for the damages you’ve faced due to a car accident. 

Types of Chest Injuries from Car Accidents

Chest injuries can happen in any type of car accident, but they’re especially common in rollovers, collisions on either side of the vehicle, and head-on collisions. All passengers are susceptible to chest injuries if an accident occurs, but those sitting in the front seats are the most at risk. Drivers are specifically more at risk for these injuries due to the impact of hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, and airbags.

Here are some of the most common chest injuries that can occur from car accidents. 

Fractured, Broken, and Bruised Ribs

Damage to your ribs can cause you to be in extreme pain. Although a fractured or broken rib can be painful enough on its own, it can lead to other serious problems. This can put organs and blood vessels at risk of being damaged as well. 

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a serious concern for any injuries a person has from a car accident. If a person’s chest is injured during a car accident and causes internal bleeding, and they don’t get medical help quickly, this could become life-threatening.  

Internal Organ Damage

The impact of things like seatbelts and airbags can be so strong that internal organ damage can occur. This includes your heart, lungs, kidneys, and more. Sometimes, these injuries aren’t always noticeable right away but still require treatment. This can cause serious complications if a person doesn’t receive medical help. Seatbelts promise to keep you in the vehicle yet the impact can still cause serious damage. Statistically, we know that once an occupant is ejected, the risk of a fatality increases greatly. A seat belt does not guarantee that you will not be injured. Thus, you should seek medical treatment immediately. A serious injury is not always apparent at the scene of a crash.  

Ruptured Diaphragm

The diaphragm is located below the lungs and is an essential part of respiration. If this area of the chest is injured during a collision, the diaphragm can rupture or tear. A torn or ruptured diaphragm can make it difficult to breathe, which could become a serious risk. 

Muscle Strains

You can get muscle strains from your body tensing up quickly in a stressful situation, which often happens to those involved in a car accident. This can occur in the chest muscles, which causes a lot of pain and makes daily activities difficult. 

Dedicated Chest Injury Lawyer in St. Louis

A serious chest injury can completely change your life. To help you recover from this and start to move on, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to handle cases involving chest injuries from car accidents. Our team at The Cagle Law firm knows how to best help people in this difficult situation and is determined to help them receive compensation for their injuries. 

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