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Posted on March 13th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

St. Pat’s Weekend–Importance of Sober Driver

Posted on March 13th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

Deadly Reminders to Not Drink and Drive

Accidents on St. Patricks DayIn 2014, drunk driving fatalities represented 32.8 percent of all total traffic fatalities. There were 2,154 alcohol related crash injuries.  The true tragedy in these statistics is that drunk driving accidents are completely preventable.

Loss or injury to a loved one is traumatic, but knowing it was 100 percent preventable enrages.

Recent controversy over St. Louis “No Refusal Zone” had some upset and questioning the threat of individual constitutional rights. While avoiding a constitutional debate, I get really edgy about my constitutional rights.   My thought has always been that constitutional rights in our great country are afforded initially to all. When you abuse a right, you can be denied it through due process.   Constitutional freedoms include individual responsibility.

However, there is a difficult balance for lawmakers and law enforcement when you examine the still staggering number of deaths and injuries that result from drunk driving.  Generally, after the news coverage of the drunk driving accident, the story is over for many.  Only if you are family or friends of the victim, do you live with the day-in and day-out consequences of the death and/or injury brought about by a drunk driver.

Drunk Driving is of Negligence

If you have been drinking and you choose to drive, you are making a choice.  Furthermore, you are choosing to be negligent which can carry criminal charges. In rare occasions,  I’ve even heard someone say they were “good drunk drivers”. I promptly had to walk away as I was afraid their lunacy might be contagious.

Negligence is simply “failure to take proper care in doing something”.   Driving after drinking is an obvious failure to take proper care.  Over the last decade, the public service announcements, strong enforcement of the offense and MADD/SADD messages cannot have failed to make one aware that drinking causes impairment.  Alcohol equals bad decisions and sometime those bad decision make humorous tales,  but I’ve never heard a fun memory where someone was killed or injured due to drunk driving.

In my line of work, I see the victims of drunk driving accidents.  Inattentiveness is the number one cause of car crashes and while it is not a good reason for a crash, it can be arguable in a legal sense. Drunk driving is difficult if not impossible to argue in a wrongful death case.

It’s Happy Hour time in St. Louis…….Have You Planned Your Ride Home

It’s that time of day on Friday when Happy Hour and weekend plans are put into place. This weekend is also St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in St. Louis. Traffic at all of the Irish bars are picking up as I look up and down Washington Avenue. I wonder how many of those people tonight will climb behind the wheel after downing several drinks this evening?  I hope that no one does. None of us want to read about another life tragically ended or someone seriously injured because somebody else “imbibed and drived”.

Furthermore, the fog and rain will add another factor to the roadways.  Pavement can become slick and visibility is low during fog. Even on the clearest of nights, combining alcohol and driving is a huge mistake.

Cagle Law Firm St. LouisBe sure that your party plans include safe, sober transportation home. Download our app Injury Attorney” so you can call a cab from wherever you are.

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