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Posted on November 9th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Stop, Call 911 or *5 and Put a Safe Distance Between You and Your Stranded Car-St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on November 9th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

Put a Safe Distance Between You and Your Stranded Car-St. Louis, MissouriTwo people were struck and injured on Highway 367 in Florissant, Missouri according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Thursday evening. The two people had stopped after a morning two-car crash and they were both assessing the damage to their cars. A third car struck both of them and then hit a fourth car.

I have blogged many times of the danger of being hit when you pull your car to the shoulder on a busy highway or interstate. Just last week, I talked about a recent $6 Million dollar settlement for two children who were victims of a truck accident involved in Snohomish County, Washington. The children then 6 and 8, were seriously injured when the disabled car they were in on the shoulder of the road was hit by a semi-truck and dragged 265 feet before stopping.

In the accident in Florissant, thank goodness no deaths happened, but a person pedestrian being hit by another vehicle even if the vehicle is moving slowly, can cause serious injuries and death. As well, last week I talked about the recent death of a Lee’s Summit woman who was hit by three SUV’s while assessing her crashed vehicle.

The Kansas City Star published that the Missouri State Highway Patrol is urging motorists not to linger in the street after an accident. If the car if safe to move, pull it to the shoulder

Dial 911 or *55 to reach the Missouri Highway Patrol

If the car is stalled or otherwise unmovable

Leave the vehicle and get off to the side as far away as possible.

We have blogged about similar occurrences and have had many clients who experienced similar situations.  If your car becomes disabled, move it to the shoulder if possible. Spend as little time in the road as possible and remove your family.  Get yourself and your passengers away from the car.  At night, a disabled car without flashing lights is not very visible to traffic. In many of the stories we have talked about the disabled car did have flashers but the other vehicles still did not see it and crashed into the either the people or the disabled automobiles, even ricocheting and hitting other cars.

We all dreads a flat tire, care trouble and disabled cars due to a small accident, but these events should not have to cost you your life!  Highways and interstates are generally areas of high traffic where vehicles are going at a fast speed.  When semi-trucks are on the interstates, they may see the disabled car a moment too late and not be able to swerve in order to miss someone in the road or their abandoned car.

So, do what I did when my tire blew out on I-70……………………I drove on the rim until I could exit.  I was ticked off that I had to buy a new rim. But, a new rim was a small price for my life or risking a serious injury. Not all cars have the capability to drive on the rim without significantly damaging the car, so pull over, get out, call 911 or *55, and walk away from  your automobile  to keep a safe distance  in case it is hit.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of such an auto or truck accdient, you may have seroious injuries.  You or your family members may be hurt. If so, you need legal representation to help ensure that the compensation you receive is fair.  My clients just want what is fair………………no get rich schemes, but compensation for what is fair.

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