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Posted on April 11th, 2011,
by Zane Cagle

Teens Encouraged to Stay Safe During St. Louis Prom/Graduation Season

Posted on April 11th, 2011 by Zane Cagle

As high school prom season is upon St. Louis, every parent and prom attendee should revisit some safety tips to be sure that prom is a safe, fun experience and not life-changing due to serious or fatal auto accidents. Below are some helpful safety tips from Leesburg Patch: Underage drinking is a crime. As well, anyone who supplies alcohol to minors is subject to prosecution. The most obvious way to avoid being in an alcohol related accident is to avoid consuming alcohol. Vehicle crashes are still the number one killer of teenagers even though the number of drunken driving accidents among teens has dropped slightly.

Adults who consume alcohol should always make arrangements ahead of the festivities in order to have a plan for a designated driver.

  • Texting and driving. With the increase of technology and the pervasiveness of hand held phones, almost everyone is texting. Texting is a huge part of communication for teenagers. However, texting and driving is as dangerous as drunken driving according to the latest statistics. Teens should avoid texting while they are driving at all time, not just during the prom months.
  • Other distractions. Distractions such as too many passengers, loud music or speeding to show off are prime examples of teen distractions. Distracted driving has surpassed drunk driving as the number one safety concern of the driving public and is the number one killer of teens
  • Seatbelt Safety. Wearing a safety belt even if it slightly wrinkles one’s order generic paxil online formal attire can be the difference between surviving an auto accident.

Parents will want to reinforce the importance of being safe all of the time, but especially during the carefree spring months when teens are feeling carefree and excited about prom celebrations and pending high school graduations. There is no worse way to start the summer than as the victim in an auto accident or worse yet, a fatality.

Parents may want to get a list of phone numbers where they teens will be during prom and emphasize the importance of the teen keeping to a planned schedule of events for prom.

We hope that all drivers, including teens are safe in months to come and The Cagle Law Firm urges everyone to think while planning an event to make this festive time the most safe prom season ever.

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