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Posted on February 1st, 2021,
by Zane Cagle

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

car accident

Posted on February 1st, 2021 by Zane Cagle

Car accidents happen every day and are something that most people will experience at least once during their lives. While some car accidents only do minor damage to your vehicle, others can be life-threatening and cause serious injuries or worse. Some car accidents are much more common than others. These car accidents don’t always require legal assistance, but if you or someone else is injured, you may need a personal injury lawyer specializing in car accidents to help you receive financial compensation for the damages. 

Here are the most common types of car accidents that occur. 

Rear-End Collisions

In a rear-end collision, a car is hit from behind. These are extremely common, and there can be many reasons why a rear-end collision occurs. Rear-end collisions are often caused by a car driving too close to the car in front of them. Not leaving a safe distance between cars makes it difficult to stop in time, leading to rear-end collisions. These accidents can also occur when a driver is distracted and isn’t attentive to the traffic conditions ahead of them. 

Head-On Collisions 

Head-on collisions are often some of the most dangerous car accidents and can be fatal. In a head-on collision, a vehicle hits the front of another vehicle driving in the opposite direction. These accidents happen when one driver is driving on the wrong side of the road, which can happen if they’re distracted or driving under the influence. These crashes can also occur when both drivers drift into one another’s lanes, commonly on two-lane roadways.

Side-Impact Collisions 

Side-impact collisions are often also called T-bone accidents. In a side-impact collision, one car crashes into the side of another. These accidents typically occur at intersections and can be caused by a driver running a red light or inattentiveness. Side-impact collisions are another type of accident that can be especially dangerous, as the sides of a vehicle offer less protection. 

Merging Accidents

Merging accidents occur when one vehicle attempts to merge lanes and collides with another vehicle in the process. These accidents can happen if drivers don’t check their surroundings before merging or fail to notice another vehicle in their blind spot. Attempting to merge too quickly or slowly or failure to use turn signals can also cause merging accidents.

Pedestrian Accidents

Other vehicles aren’t the only ones susceptible to car accidents. Pedestrians can also become involved in car accidents. While any car accident can lead to serious injuries, car accidents involving pedestrians are often much worse. Unlike drivers and passengers in vehicles, pedestrians have no protection in the event of an accident. Pedestrians can suffer from serious injuries even when the car is driving at a low speed. In 2020, the state of Missouri reported pedestrian deaths across the state at 126, which is the largest number in Missouri’s recorded history. 

A young woman with smartphone by the damaged car after a car accident, making a phone call.

Find a Car Accident Lawyer Who Can Help

No matter what type of car accident you or a loved one were injured in, a car accident lawyer could help. Injuries from car accidents can cause serious physical and emotional pain and often lead to expensive medical bills and lost wages. You shouldn’t have to be left to deal with this on your own, which is why getting legal help is important for many car accident victims. At The Cagle Law Firm, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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