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Posted on September 22nd, 2017,
by Zane Cagle

The Reason You Need a Lawyer If You are Injured in a Car Accident

Posted on September 22nd, 2017 by Zane Cagle

Car Crashes Can Be Life-Changing

The Reason You Need a Lawyer If You are Injured in a Car AccidentWhen car crashes result in serious injuries, it can be life-changing. Most individuals are confused and overwhelmed after a crash and scared.  Most people do not know where to begin or how to best proceed in making an injury claim. Property damage claims can be processed quickly, however, if you are injured, you should talk with an attorney and take the necessary time to do the claim correctly.

When you contact an attorney, you are getting expert advice and give yourself a much better chance of getting the compensation that you need and deserve.  An attorney will protect your rights and look out for your best interest.  Remember, an attorney is the one who truly has the same goal as you—maximum compensation for you. That is not the same goal of your auto insurance company or the auto insurance carrier for another driver(s).

Ways A Lawyer Can Help You

Investigate and Evaluate Your Injury Claim

You do not need an attorney for every car crash.  If you are not hurt, then you probably do not need an attorney.  However, if you are injured, an attorney will evaluate your case and discover if you have a viable claim.  The attorney will conduct an investigation to establish whether or not the other person was at-fault and if that can be supported.  Evidence supports your claim, thus your attorney will want collect as much evidence as possible.

Examples of that evidence includes:

  • Police Report and Investigative Notes
  • Photos of the Damaged Vehicles
  • Photos of the Scene
  • Witness Statements
  • Surveillance video footage
  • Cell Phone Records
  • Determine the Worth of Your Case

A Lawyer Will Handle Everything With the Insurance Company for You

Having a professional work on your claim greatly increases your success in the process.  Insurance companies use various tactics that are not always helpful to the person who has been injured.  Tactics include wearing you down, stalling, and may question you in a way that urges you to say things that jeopardize your claim.  As well, they may even comment on medial treatment or other options–you should never let an adjuster or non-medical professional give you medical advice.

Your lawyer can keep this mess from happening because once you retain a lawyer, you do not have to speak with the insurance company again so they cannot take advantage.  After a crash, you are personally dealing with the pain and inconvenience of having your lifestyle seriously altered, and you may say many things you should not. You say many statements after an injury unaware the adjuster may try to turn it around and use it against you.

Don’t sign authorizations for the auto insurance companies to have your medical bills and records. If you are hurt, you want an attorney to process all of that information for you.

Call a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney and Don’t Be a Victim of Insurnace

Being a victim of a motor vehicle crash is not a blemish on you and you should not be treated like the “bad guy”.  Most often, the person that hit you did so without malice thus the claim is not about the other driver being a “good guy” either. The claim is about the insurance company paying the compensation after their insured has paid premiums.  However, failure to hire an attorney can make you a victim of an insurance company if you settle for less than you deserve and need. We see errors made everyday by injured people who didn’t hire an attorney. An expert car crash attorney can be sure you that an insurance adjuster does not take advantage.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we are committed to protecting the rights of our clients due to the negligence of others.  We are available for free consultations. Sometimes you need a consultation to be sure that you do or don’t need an attorney.

We are available seven days a week at (314) 276-1681 or use our online contact form.

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