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Posted on November 17th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

Posted on November 17th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

file1581283662939 (1)U-Turns– More Common in St. Louis?

If you’ve lived other places, then you may not be accustomed to so many people doing U-turns.  Sometimes, I really surprised when driving around downtown St. Louis that other cars actually stop or slow down and flip a U-Turn right in the middle of a busy street and traffic.  So, is this a St. Louis specific driving behavior?

While living in other parts of the country, I have rarely seen U-turns done quite as frequently as I see them in the St. Louis area.  Even living in a rural area, it was far more common for someone to pull into a side road or drive way to turn around rather than doing a U-turn.

Because much of our practice involves car crashes, U-turns seem specifically dangerous.

Are U-Turns Legal?

Some states and even cities within states have specific laws on U-turns.  Generally, it is legal to complete a U-turn unless there is a sign specifically prohibiting such action. However, Missouri specifically has a law which prohibits U-turns in cases where such a maneuver would be unsafe, particularly near hills or curves where oncoming traffic would not be able to see a slow-moving vehicle.

One thing you must remember if you are making a U-turn and end up in a car crash, you will likely be given a citation.  If someone hits you while you are making a U-turn, then the Missouri law is pretty clear.  If it were safe to make the U-turn, you would not have gotten hit!  In addition to a citation for making a U-turn, you may be found liable for the crash including property damage and personal damages due to injuries.

So, why do people stop in the middle of downtown traffic and allow a driver in front of them to do a U-turn? While I haven’t conducted a poll, I imagine the major reason for U-turns is impatience and efficiency of time

Motor Vehicle Crashes

In general, you should avoid making U-turns. Without a doubt, you should avoid making U-turns in ANY kind of traffic and should carefully consider the area before making such a turn.

Obviously, utilizing the U-turn in busy traffic does not fit in with the Missouri law regarding U-turns. If there are other cars driving toward you or following you, then it is not advisable to do a U-turn. Again, from a legal perspective, if you are involved in a car crash resulting from one of the driver’s completing a U-turn, the fault can easily fall on the driver making the turn.

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