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Posted on January 6th, 2011,
by Zane Cagle

Vehicle & Pedestrian Collisions With Trains Up in 2010

Posted on January 6th, 2011 by Zane Cagle

Deaths involving train and pedestrian collisions increased in Illinois last year. These statistics were according to the Illinois Commerce Commission and compared fatality reports between 2007 and 2010. There were 17 reported fatalities between January and November of 2011 and 10 of the deaths were pedestrians hit by trains. According to Joseph Szabo, administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration, said, “The trauma (from being involved in accidents) that is carried by train crews…leaves an indelible mark on their psyches and souls”. Szabo is also a former rail conductor.

Train-vehicle collisions were also up to 76 during the first 9 months of the year. These collisions included injury and fatalities. The commerce commission estimates collisions will total 125-130 in 2010, when all accidents are totaled. According the The Chicago Tribune, officials have launched emotional public service messages to focus the public on the problem of railroad crossings. Motorists or pedestrians that try to “beat the train” do not have great statistics if they don’t “beat the train”. Spending 5-10 minutes sitting at a railroad crossing may end up of saving your life.

While train workers are traumatized by collisions, victims of those collisions with the trains are not only mentally traumatized but often killed. The serious injuries for those that survive a train collision can be life-altering injuries. Frequently, fatalities at railroad crossings are avoidable. There are many factors that contribute to railroad crossing accidents such as failure of the driver (motorist) to heed the warnings, motorist or pedestrian trying to “beat the train”, failure of crossing lights to work, failure of train to signal with sound, and negligence.

Zane T. Cagle of The Cagle Law Firm has represented many victims of train accidents and knows the importance of finding the best investigators and reconstructionist to determine all of the factors involved in a railroad accident. The Cagle Law Firm has experience in representing both kinds of railroad victims-train employee victims and non-employee victims.

According to the Federal Employer Liabilty Act, railway workers and maritime workers have a right to compensation if they are hurt on the job. FELA is essentially a workers’ compensation program for railroad and maritime workers.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a railroad related accident, contact The Cagle Law Firm at 1(800) 684-3302 for your free consultation to determine if you have a personal injury claim, FELA claim or wrongful death claim.