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Posted on July 26th, 2010,
by Zane Cagle

Weather & Ignorance Lead to Increased Water Deaths According to State Officials

Posted on July 26th, 2010 by Zane Cagle

On Missouri waterways, there have been 30 drowning deaths thus far in 2010. That number had doubled since last year. Heat and flooding contribute to more deaths. People spend more time around the water when the heat rises and as flooding causes swollen rivers. As well, people trying to drive through water on roads are counted among the drowning deaths.

Some individuals believe that rushing water such as the swollen waters of the James River would make for a better river experience. According to experts, swollen, rain-filled rivers should be avoided due to swift currents and rising water hides objects such as tree limbs that can trap watercraft and swimmers, causing death.

Inability to swim and failure to use life jackets continue to be a problem according to officials. Even though the opportunity to save a drowning person does not occur that often, everyone needs to remember that person is panicking and will take a rescuer down with him or her. Be sure to keep a barrier such as extending a paddle, throwing a life preserver or rope, or pushing a raft to the drowning person. While often the case, it is especially true with children that there is not a cry for help, but the individual simply slips under the water. Vigilance is crucial when people are in the water.

Another common factor in drowning deaths is alcohol. Not just for boat captains but for passengers and swimmers as well. Alcohol is frequently a factor in boating accidents. Alcohol affects judgment and reflex time as well as fatigue levels. Swimmers must know their own limits and keep alcohol intake within reason.

More than 700 people die annually in boating accidents, most commonly by falling overboard. Ninety percent of those who drown from falling overboard in 2008 were not wearing life jackets. Most drowning from falling overboard could be avoided by wearing life jackets. Children, seven year and younger are required to wear lifejackets; however, officials encourage parents to extend that age and feel that many parents do.

Have you been the victim of a water accident? Have you lost a loved one due to a tragic drowning accident?

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