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Posted on January 6th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Wildwood, Missouri Woman Killed in I-64/40 Crash

Posted on January 6th, 2012 by Zane Cagle


Car and Semi Collision on Highway 64/40

A woman is dead after being struck by a tractor trailer on Highway 40 (I-64) in St. Louis County.  The woman, from Wildwood, was struck by another car, forcing her into the path of the tractor trailer.  She then struck another car before traveling off the roadway into a ditch.  Although she was wearing a seatbelt, rescue crews were unable to save her.  She is the 7th fatality this year for the Missouri Highway Patrol.

In 2010, over 55,000 Missourians were injured in a car accident, one every 9.4 minutes.  This figure includes 821 people killed on Missouri roads.  This number sounds too high (and for the families of those impacted by crashes, it certainly is) the death and injury rates have been trending down for almost two decades.

Take 1986 for instance: there were over 69,000 people injured or killed on Missouri roadways.  That may not sound like an impressive decline, but when one looks at the data a little more closely, the statistics tell a different story.  In 1984, Missourians drove 41,572,000,000 miles.  That’s a death rate of 2.7 and an injury rate of 169.8 per 100 million miles driven, respectively.  In 2010, Missourians 70,630,000,000 miles, with the death and injury rates listed above.  This is a death rate of 1.2 and an injury rate of 78.9 per 100 million miles driven, respectively.  As you can see, the roads are much safer now than 15 years ago.

This can be attributed to several factors.  For one, cars are much safer now than they were even ten years ago.  While it was once a luxury to have just a driver’s side airbag, many cars now come equipped with airbags on the driver and passenger sides, as well as side curtain airbags for all occupants in the vehicle.  Vehicle designs are also better now, allowing for greater safety among the vehicle’s passengers.  Greater enforcement of drunk driving laws and greater awareness to its dangers have also contributed to this decline.

Looking back even further, it’s amazing how safe vehicles have become, relative to older vehicles.  According to the 1960 Census Abstract, there were 1,013 deaths on Missouri roadways.  The national average for deaths per 100 million miles driven was a staggering 5.4 for the United States as a whole.  By 2009, the average for the United States had fallen all the way 1.1 deaths per 100 million miles.  While it’s impossible to know if, 50 years down the line, we will make similar strides in safety, it is clear that the trend line is moving in a positive direction towards keeping people safe.  Sadly, it will be impossible to prevent all motor vehicle deaths, no matter how safe cars and drivers become.

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