Cagle Rural Reading Non-Profit Now Taking Grant Applications in Missouri!

Zane Cagle is thrilled to announce the launch of Cagle Rural Reading, a non-profit with the mission of promoting literacy through technology. The Board of Directors of CRR is now taking grant applications from any rural or suburban educational organization that focuses on literacy. Age groups for organizations can range from Pre-Kindergarten to adult literacy programs. If you know an educational organization such as a school, library, or literacy program in need of additional funding, contact CRR by contacting The Cagle Law Firm at (314) 276-1681.

CRR was developed and funded by Zane T. Cagle to give back to Missouri communities. Literacy is critical to education and lifelong learning. “What better way to give back to a community than through investing in the communities’ literacy programs?” said Cagle. “It becomes increasingly apparent to me that attorneys get a bad reputation of taking from a community, yet many do give back to the community in so many ways. We feel this non-profit organization will be a helpful tool to actually give back to some of our Missouri communities”, said Cagle.

As a youngster, Zane battled with literacy challenges. “I wouldn’t change what I went through because overcoming those challenges made me who I am. But if we can help others to avoid carrying around that shame and embarrassment of not being able to read, then we are excited,” said Cagle. Zane overcame his literacy challenges through much help from teachers, family, and friends. “People helped me along the way, or I would never have been able to do it,” said Cagle. Reading and comprehending what we read is critical to being an active participant in the democratic process of voting, processing information, and just being a good consumer. “The challenges I faced made me a better person. However, just because I struggled with literacy as a child and young man doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. If our non-profit can help just one child,” says Cagle.

Zane donates a percentage of his attorney fee from large settlements and verdicts directly to the non-profit. The Board of Directors, comprised of educational experts from the greater St. Louis area, have developed criteria and will make all determinations regarding disseminating funds. Board Members of CRR are Dr. Jody Wood, Dr. Scott Hayes, Dr. Jo Cagle, Mary Scheetz, and Rene Rockwell.

Schools, libraries, and other educational organizations are experts in the field of literacy and learning. Financial challenges continue to plague many educational organizations. Fewer dollars, higher standards, and larger class sizes are all challenges that make teaching the individual learner more difficult. The purpose of the CRR is simply to serve as a resource to assist educational experts in our schools, libraries, and various literacy programs. These organizations are encouraged to apply for funding through CRR to assist in the funding of the good work they already do!

We encourage you to view the YouTube video full-length short film “The CRR Story,” where Zane talks about his personal literacy story and the goals of the CRR non-profit organization.

We encourage you to share this information with any educational organization that you know of that is in need of funding and support to promote literacy through technology.

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