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Safe drivers know that one of the essential parts of driving is staying focused on the road. You need to remain focused not only for you and your passengers, but for everyone else on the road. We all have a lot going on, but we need to put it all behind us when we’re driving. When drivers don’t give the road their full attention, they can easily cause an accident. Nothing is worth causing an accident, which can cause serious, life-threatening injuries.

The Cagle Law Firm is here to help those involved in accidents caused by distracted drivers. Recovering from a motor vehicle accident isn’t easy, but a distracted driving accident attorney in St. Louis, MO, can help.

Causes of Distracted Driving

Distractions are all around us, but when you’re driving, you have to ignore them. Distracted driving accidents can happen in an instant. Even if a driver is only distracted for a brief moment, they can cause an accident. Doing something as seemingly simple as changing the radio station is enough to be a distraction that can become dangerous. Any time a driver tries to multitask, they put themselves and everyone around them at risk.

Here are some common causes of distracted driving.

Using a Cell Phone

Most of us always have a cell phone on us when we’re in the car. This is an essential you likely take everywhere, and you probably already know how distracting it can be. Taking a phone call or quickly checking a text is extremely dangerous. Texting and driving make up a large number of car accidents and can be avoided entirely. Using your phone for directions, or looking at a GPS or map, can also be a big distraction. If you do need directions, please enable the audio only. Most GPS systems are primarily audio-only so that drivers can focus on the road. Same thing with taking calls. If you must take a call, please use hands-free. If you can put off the call, please do so.

Eating and Drinking

Many people eat and drink in the car, and they might not think this is an issue. This takes a driver’s attention away from the road and is also a physical distraction. Drivers have to take one hand away from the wheel to eat or drink, and they can also get easily distracted if they have to worry about opening the packaging for their food or drinks. Eating and drinking while driving may be something you do every day, but problems arise if drinks are spilled or food drops down your lap, etc. Be sure that your drinks are secured and you give first priority to focusing on the road. When it comes to saving you from a crash or saving your shirt from a stain, you can always treat the stain later–crashes cannot be undone.

Talking to Passengers

Passengers can be a huge help to drivers. However, having passengers in the car can quickly become a distraction. When drivers are too engaged in conversation with their passengers, they’re less focused on driving. No passenger expects you to maintain eye contact while you are driving. Thus, some communication etiquette has to be ignored while you are driving. This is really a much bigger problem for teen drivers, but adults can become distracted by passengers as well.

Focusing on Different Topics

It’s natural to reflect on your day during your commute home in the evening and even spend your morning commute thinking about the upcoming events of the day. However, when it becomes a distraction and you lose focus on the roadway, you can be involved in a crash. Only you know when daydreaming or planning becomes a distraction on the roadway.

Find a Qualified Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer in St. Louis

Distractions are a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Many types of distractions can occur when drivers are behind the wheel, but they have to be ignored for everyone’s safety. Because of another driver’s distracted driving, you or a loved one may have been left with painful injuries, expensive medical bills, and many other challenges. The Cagle Law Firm is here for you during this time and can help you receive compensation for your accident. With a personal injury lawyer experienced in working with cases like this, you have a valuable resource to help you recover.

If you or a loved one were recently injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, contact us for a consultation with a distracted driving accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO.

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