Cardinal’s Opening Day–Things to Consider for the STL Unoffical Holiday

Even the Rain Does Not Seem to Damper St. Louis Enthusiasm

A cold, rainy day has not slowed down the numerous people strolling in red from the streets of downtown St. Louis.  Even though the game does not start until 3:15 p.m., the fans have begun their celebrating!

Few Fair Weather Fans in The Lou

Today’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium is, as usual, a sold out event.  Everyone anxiously awaits Opening Day . Pre-Gaming has started at Cardinals Nation: Inside Ballpark Village started at 12:45 and lasts until game time as well as the local restaurants and bars.

Crucial Considerations: Common Sense Safety and Courtesy (that is not always so common)

I won’t recommend a raincoat or umbrella as our concerns about Opening Day are focused more on roadway safety:

Plan, plan, plan for your transportation.  Numerous cab companies and Uber are good alternative to drinking and driving this evening.

  • Designate a sober driver.  Not the driver who has had the “least” to drink, but an actual SOBER driver
  • Pay attention to pedestrians.  Downtown traffic is starting to get a little crazy.  We can hear the horns of celebration and frustration in our offices.  Among the many, many impatient drivers, there are many pedestrians–keep a lookout!
  • As a pedestrian, pay attention to lights and don’t just ASSUME vehicles are going to stop and never ASSUME the drivers see you.  Cross on the light–do not assume cars will yield just because you are in a big group.
  • Take a dose of patience.  There are a lot of people all trying to get into the game and the various venues and all are all anxious to start their fun. Be patient driving and allow some extra time to reach your destination and park.
  • Download Our Free App–Injury Attorney Our free iPhone/Droid app allows you to contact cab companies at your location and gives you steps to follow as well as resources should be involved in an injury incident.

Celebrate, Have Fun and Be Safe

Hey, we all look forward to the beginning of another Cardinal’s season. Avoid car wrecks by being patient, and obeying the street signs.

In the midst of traffic, don’t do a U-turn. It’s rude and it’s dangerous when you attempt a U-turn in the middle of traffic.

Don’t make a four lane street into a six lane street out of impatience. There are lines on the street for a reason!

Pedestrians-Don’t just cross the street because there is a group. Wait for the light. Holding up traffic because you don’t want to wait makes traffic more congested and makes drivers even more frustrated.

Don’t yell and honk at other drivers obnoxiously–that only sets up a road rage situation.

If You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Incident-Be Sure You Do the Following:

Contact authorities immediately. See 5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident In Missouri

Seek medical attention.

If you are injured, call an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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