Clark Bridge- Nearly 100 Accidents in a Year in Alton, Illinois

Ninety-Four Accidents, Two Fatal

Clark Bridge- Nearly 100 Accidents in a Year in Alton, Illinois

According to reports, in the last year, there have been nearly 100 motor vehicle accidents near the Clark Bridge in Alton, Illinois. Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) defines the entrance and exit of the Clark Bridge as far west as Henry Street and as far east as the offices of Illinois American Water.

According to Alton Police Chief Simmons, the chief reason for the amount of crashes is a lack of common courtesy on party of the drivers. Chief Simmons says that failure to yield in that area creates the majority of the crashes. Most of the crashes have occurred directly adjacent to the intersection of Landmarks and the Clark Bridge. While there are lights, those lights do not seem to prevent crashes.

Simmons says the cause of the majority of crashes is the simple failure to yield to someone else’s right-of-way.

Ultimately, Motorists Must Yield and Pay Attention

Some motorists have questioned whether or not the lights at that intersection have been working properly, “(IDOT) came out recently and actually did a study on the lights”, said Simmons. According to Simmons, IDOT reported the lights are working correctly.

Ninety-four crashes in a year at one intersection is high. According to authorities, individual driver responsibility will have to improve or crashes will continue to occur. Drivers must be patient and obey the traffic signals. Due to the high number of crashes, it seems safe to say that drivers must not always assume that others will drive responsibly at this intersection. Thus, each driver must drive defensively and make sure to yield the right-of-way to the appropriate vehicle.

Personal Responsibility and Motor Vehicle Crashes

If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash caused by another person, it is rarely a criminal action. While it may feel like the other driver ought to be criminally charged if you are hurt, it is usually a civil matter. Very rarely are drivers involved in car collisions charged with criminal action unless it involves driving under the influence or purposeful actions.

If you are hurt, you usually can pursue a civil action for personal injury for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages. A common misconception is that you should do this on your own. Generally, injured people do not try to make a civil action against the individual but rather, the driver’s insurance company. Again, doing this on your own is not recommended as individuals usually bargain about three and a half times less than represented individuals.

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