Continue to Factor In Road Construction this Labor Day Weekend in Missouri

Highway Construction Continues to Be a Factor in Road Travel Plans

If you’ve traveled on any of the major interstates around the greater St. Louis metro area, then you have personally encountered road construction delays and traffic jams.  Residents of the area should know this happens pretty much every year, yet we forget and become  frustrated when it jams up our travel plans.

As Labor Day Weekend is finally here-slow down and remember to add some time to your driving itinerary and know you will run into travel delays due to interstate repairs.

Five Things Travelers Can Expect for Labor Day Travel this Weekend

Labor Day is a salute to the American worker but is it also the final three-day weekend and unofficial end of summer.  It is a wistful day off celebrating with the knowledge that it may be the final big party before fall and winter begin. Wherever you are traveling over the weekend, here are some things you can expect:

Cheap Gas Prices

Prices at the pump have raised slightly over the last month. The Fourth of July weekend saw the cheapest gas prices in many years and lured many more drivers to take a weekend trip. Still, we are paying an average of 25 cents less a gallon than we were a year ago, thus it is predicted there will be a great number of people taking to the interstates and highways to reach their celebratory destination.

Danger on the Road

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, Labor Day weekend is a time when many people gather and far too many people drive when they should not. Data indicates that over 750 people have died in drunk driving incidents over Labor Day weekends from 2010 to 2014 and that 83% of the drunk driving deaths happen between 6 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. Thus, obviously, do not drive when you’ve been drinking and avoid the roads as it gets later in the day if possible.

Increased Law Enforcement

Just like other major holidays, there will be an increased presence of law enforcement over the weekend with widespread DUI checkpoints to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roadways. Since it’s Friday of the holiday weekend, many checkpoints are already set up.  Prepare yourself!  Plan ahead your transportation whether it is a sober driver (an actual driver who has not drank alcohol opposed to the “least drunk of your friends”).  Taxis are always available and with national spread of Uber, getting a ride is even easier so you do not put yourself and others in danger.

Heavy Traffic Due to Holiday and Road Construction


InjuryAttorney Free Application for iPhone/Droid

MoDOT has a handy website  where you can see live Tweets about crashes and road construction including closures around the greater St. Louis area.  You can also see road construction areas statewide on the MoDOT site —   Check this site in advance or have your navigator look it up on their smart phone.

Often, GPS will try to route you around these areas if possible but when you look at the sheer number of interstates and highways that are in construction and repair, there may not be a lot of alternative routes, so plan accordingly.

The best planning is patience! Even if road workers are not on the scene because of the holiday weekend, the roads may be closed or lanes may be closed thus causing congested traffic.

SLOW DOWN, be Patient and Be Safe!  Enjoy the last “unofficial” weekend of summer by making it an injury free weekend.

What To Do if You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Incident?

If you are involved in a car crash of any sort, call 911 immediately especially if you are on a highway or interstate.  Even if you are not seriously injured, calling 911 so that emergency personnel can respond to deal with the traffic back up may help prevent chain crashes.  If you are stranded or crashed and even if your car is on the shoulder, this is a very dangerous situation.  Law enforcement much prefers you call so they may assist so there are not several crashes involving serious injuries or death that may follow due to your car being on the shoulder.

If you are hurt, seek medical treatment immediately.  If you are offered an ambulance, think about your immediate safety and physical health.  Often, I talk with crash victims and  they realize they “should have” taken the ambulance but were too worried about the cost and compromised their safety and immediate medical attention.

Put your health and safety first.  Yes, it is inconvenient to be in a car crash.

You Should Have a Plan in Place in Case You Have an Unexpected Crash

Just as you know what your fire escape route would be out of your home, you need to know what steps you would take after a car crash.  Obviously, victims with life-threatening injuries are not making decisions, but I see so many people who waste valuable time because they didn’t plan.  Each of us is in an average if 6-8 motor vehicle crashes in our lives—far more than your odds of trying to get out of a burning house, but still yet most have no idea what they would do in the case of a moderate car crash.

Injury Attorney-Free Motor Vehicle Crash Smart Phone App

Seek medical attention right away.  We offer a free iPhone/android app that lists the steps and helpful resources to remind you what to do after a crash that does not involve life-threatening injuries.  When you are in a crash, you are upset and emotions tend to run high which lessons your ability to think clearly and logically. The app gives steps and helpful geographical resources so assist you no matter where you are and needs you may have. See our article, 5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Missouri.

Once you have gotten the needed medial attention, call an experienced car crash attorney. If you are not injured, then you probably do not need us. However, it is always a wise decision to talk with an attorney and be sure you are taking the correct steps to be sure your claims are filed correctly, evidence is gathered and your rights are being represented.

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