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If you’ve been in a motor vehicle crash in Missouri, then you may be meeting some new people very soon. If you are hurt, you will of course, be meeting some medical professionals. In addition, two new people you will be hearing from are the two insurance adjusters, yours and the other driver’s. These new people are not always new friends.

As well, you may be interested in contacting a Missouri personal injury attorney to help you with the claim. Usually, you first hear from the adjusters. Sometime the adjuster will contact you in the first 24 hours after your crash or they may even try to contact you while you are still in the hospital. Twenty-four hours may seem pretty quick, but it is not really very long if you are hurt. True, they should resolve your property damage (crashed car) claim right away, but your injury claim is another matter.

Truths to Remember When Dealing with An Insurance Adjuster

First Truth

An adjuster may contact you after an accident and offer you a quick settlement on your case. If you are actually hurt, this is a bad way for you to go. They will probably even advise you Not to contact an attorney and they may tell you that hiring an attorney will dramatically cut your settlement in half. If are you are truly hurt, how can they possibly predict the future of your needed medical treatment or the costs?

This is lie in two ways. One, you may want to hire an attorney to be sure that your compensation is fair. Our job is to advocate for the full amount that you deserve and need. If you’re hurt, that could be expensive. We stay between you and the adjuster so that day-to-day activities including gathering medical bills and records are done correctly. In addition, we prepare every claim as if it is going to be tried in case that is needed. Don’t overshare with the insurance adjuster. You should not be talking with the insurance adjuster about your injuries.

Second Truth

If you end up not being seriously hurt, we often tier fees accordingly. Thus, if you are not hurt and have a small injury claim, we often graduate the fees accordingly. We are not in the business of making people come out of the losing end. That is counterproductive to our mission.

Second Truth – You have up to 5 years to file your lawsuit in Missouri. Thus, when an adjuster tells you it is in your best interest to settle quickly, he or she is not really being forthright. While it may not take five years and the earlier you involve an attorney, the better—the insurance adjuster should not be rushing you.

How Do You Know if You Need an Attorney?

It’s pretty simple. If you are hurt, you probably need an attorney. Many “experts” on the internet try to tell you how to do it, but there are no formulas and heaven knows, insurance companies don’t publicize how they evaluate a claim. Each car crash and each individual is unique. Not every person heals the same way or has the same injuries. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the crash so that you have all of the information.

Your Injury Does Not Have to Meet the Adjuster’s Timeline

Take 60 days minimum before discussing your injury with the insurance company. Do not let them rush you. No matter how badly you are hurt, you never know the full extent for several weeks or months. There is no need to let an insurance adjuster put you on his or her timeline. And, don’t let the insurance adjuster try to tell you what kind of medical treatment you need.

Why would anyone ever take medical advice from an insurance adjuster? They don’t have a medical background. They are not in the business of making sure you are properly compensated as that is not how profits are made.

So, if you are hurt in a motor vehicle crash, don’t discuss your injuries it with the insurance company. Don’t read the ER discharge paper to them and don’t send pictures of your injury. If a situation deems that the insurance company have access to ANY of your medical records or photos of your injury, you want a professional to do the disclosures. If you are to that point, you need an attorney.

I would rather spend fifteen minutes talking to someone who doesn’t need my services and explain the process than someone who is really hurt delaying legal help and messing up their own claim.

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Dealing With Insurance Claims After a Car Crash in Missouri”, 10/20/16.

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