Deer Season– What to do on Missouri Roads

Just last night, a woman surprisingly escaped injury after hitting three deer on Interstate 270, just north of Tesson Ferry Road. When an officer was interviewed regarding the crash, he indicated that she might have been lucky because she was in a larger SUV vehicle and, according to reports, did not swerve or lose control of her vehicle.

Last year, a car crashed into a deer about once every two hours on average in Missouri. Authorities indicate that mating season, hunting season, and the rise in deer population come together for the busiest time of the year for car-deer strikes. These factors also bring more deer closer to the metropolitan area as well as country roads.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is urging drivers to be alert. They add that the odds of surviving a collision with a deer are better if you run into the deer instead of swerving and losing control of your car. When confronted with this situation, our natural instinct is often to swerve to avoid hitting something on the road.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that many drivers will over correct or veer and lose control of their car when trying to avoid a deer. It is very difficult not to swerve away when an animal or unidentified object darts out in front of your vehicle. “Just go right through the animal, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a squirrel. I know a lot of people don’t like to hear that. But the thing is if you swerve and you don’t have time to keep your vehicle under control. You’re going to cause yourself to be injured, or killed, or kill someone else or injure someone else”, said Missouri Patrol Sergent Al Nothum.

Highway Patrol also states that if you see a single deer on the side of the road, you should reduce your speed and realize they may still dart out in front of your car. The behavior of deer is very unpredictable. As well, if you see one deer, you should expect to see several more near it. Hunting season and mating season combined make the deer far more active than other months of the year.

Fair Compensation After a Crash

Unfortunately, car accidents occur frequently across the St. Louis metropolitan area. Putting the pieces back together after an accident can be a daunting task for many depending on the nature of your injuries. Negotiating with insurance companies can be a time-intensive ordeal, and you may be left wondering, “Was I fairly compensated?” All too often, I receive calls from people wondering if their insurance claim was treated fairly. The nature of your injuries is really the major factor when considering if you have been treated fairly. Insurance companies are pretty good when it comes to auto property damage as there is objective information about the worth of your car. However, assessing the worth of your injury is sometimes far more difficult.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we understand you just want to be “fairly” compensated for your injuries after an accident you did not cause. Terms like “liability” and “harms and losses” seem like simple terms but can become quite confusing. We make a point to understand your particular circumstance. While car accidents occur frequently, they are usually unique—meaning each accident has a different fact pattern and involves different individuals with unique stories and circumstances. Our attorneys understand that you need to not be navigating the legal waters alone after a serious accident.

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