Fourth of July-Look Out for Motorcycles

Continued Reminders to Look Out for Motorcycles

The Fourth of July holiday is going to be a four-day weekend for many including trips to the lake, family festivities and road trips for motorcyclists. Keeping everyone safe on the roadways is important for all of us to enjoy the holiday weekend. Yet, law enforcement usually sees a sharp increase in car collisions and motorcycle crashes. Failure of drivers to see motorcyclists usually have devastating results for motorcyclists. Motorcycles on the roadways always increase over the Fourth of July holiday. As we have had warm weather since May, we should be in the habit of looking twice.

While learning to drive, each of us were taught to look to the left, look to the right and look to the left once again before entering traffic. Repeating this gestures is not time-consuming and should be done each time you enter a highway or go through an intersection.

Whatever your travel plans for the holiday, be attentive, buckle up and don’t drink and drive.

Motorcyclists Generally Not Viewed as a ‘Threat’

It may seem like the wrong kind of language to view any other motorists as a “threat”. However, I do not mean “threat” in a criminal way. Instead, I am talking about size and visibility in and around your vehicle. I’m talking about the perceived threat of damage from another vehicle vs. the vehicle that you are operating. We view a large semi-truck as a big “threat” to our passenger vehicle as we know a large truck can do catastrophic damage if we collide. We consciously and subconsciously view motorcyclists as a smaller threat than said semi-truck. Just as motorcyclists are smaller and easier to miss in your view, they are also less of a size threat should you be in a collision with one. So, as drivers, you have to be aware that motorcyclists are often missed in your first scan of the roadway, so you must take a second look so you are sure to see a motorcyclists no matter their size and “threat” level. Likewise, passenger vehicle drivers view large trucks as a large threat simply because of their size and potential for significant damage should you collide.

We Share the Roadways

Motorcyclists have every right to the roadway that any other vehicle has. While all of us agree with the concept that we share the roadways, we must make sure that our driving behaviors reflect that notion. Likewise, motorcyclists have an obligation to drive safely just as passenger vehicle drivers must keep a look out and drive safely. Motorcyclists get very few chances to recover from a driving error as the smallest error a motorcyclist makes may be his or her last.

Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in June

There have been way too many fatal motorcycle crashes during the month of June. This list is according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and does not include serious injury motorcycle crashes. Please drive safely and take an extra second to look twice for motorcyclists:

June 1, 2019- Carter County– a 35 year old Doniphan, Missouri man was killed when his Harley Davidson left the roadway and struck a utility pole.

June 1, 2019 – Johnson County– A 62 year-old Warrensburg, Missouri man was killed when a Ford Fiesta failed to yield and pulled into the motorcyclist’s path on US Business 13 Highway at US 50.

June 1, 2019 – Jackson County- A 32 year-old Kansas City man was killed when his Suzuki motorcycle traveled off the right side of the roadway, ejecting the driver.

June 2, 2019- St. Clair County – A 57 year0old Osceola, Missouri man was killed when his Harley Davidson struck a deer in the roadway and overturned.

June 4, 2019- Newton County– A 57 year-old Neosho, Missouri man was killed when his Honda motorcycle struck a deer in the roadway and ejected the driver.

June 8, 2019- Howard County – A 45 year-old Galsgow, Missouri man was killed when his Victory motorcycle failed to negotiate a curve and traveled off the right side of the roadway and struck a utility pole.

June 9, 2019- Crawford County – A 53 year-old Leasburg, Missouri man was killed when his Suzuki motorcycle traveled off the left side of the roadway, through a ditch and overturned. The driver was ejected.

June 15, 2019- Newton County– A 57 year old Eureka Springs, Arkansas man was killed when his Harley Davidson failed to negotiate a turn on Route O, tow miles north of Stella.

June 16, 2019- Wright County, a 20 year old Grove Spring, Missouri man was killed when his ATV left the roadway and struck a steel bar fence. The fatality occurred on Pyatt Road, eight miles west of Hartville, Missouri.

June 18, 2019 – Stone County– a 19 year-old Ozark, Missouri man was killed when a Cadillac attempted to pass another vehicle and struck the victim’s motorcycle which was attempting to pass. The crash occurred on Missouri 13 in Branson West

June 19, 2019 – Greene County- a 20 year-old Springfield, Missouri man was killed when a Ford F250 was attempting to turn left and struck the Harley Davidson. The crash occurred on Highway EE, 1/2 mile west of Springfield.

June 29, 2019 – Vernon County – a 24 year old Nevada, Missouri man was killed when his Honda traveled off the roadway at a high rate of speed and struck a fence. The crash occurred on Route K, one half mile east of Nevada, Missouri.

Safe Travels Over the Fourth of July Weekend

Whether you will be on the roadways or the waterways, be safe. Be extra alert while driving as holiday traffic will be heavy. Avoid traveling late at night if possible as the night hours have more imparied drivers. Local and state patrols will be monitoring the roadways looking for drivers who are impaired. Thus, avoid a DUI or a crash by having a designated driver or take a ride-share if possible. Wherever you are celebrating, do some planning before so that you have a safe, sober ride home.

If You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Crash…….

If you are involved in a crash, call 911 immediately. Call 911 before checking other drivers or while checking other drivers. Do not hestiate to call authorities as they will be able to assist you on the roadway to be sure that no other cars strike you. Seek immediate medical treatment. Yes, it does put a damper on the holiday but put yourself and your well-being first! Call an attorney BEFORE you start talking to insruance companies. Most people do not know the extent of their injures for several weeks to months and you want to be sure that you approach the claim with maximum information.

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