Green Light Issues: I-44 Eastbound Exit at Kingshighway, St. Louis, Missouri

Green Arrow Light Concern on St. Louis Exit

Last night as I was exiting off Interstate 44 eastbound, I had a green arrow to turn left onto Kingshighway north. I happened to look at cross traffic to my left and saw those cars were not stopping! Drivers in both directions are getting a green arrow which is a ideal setting for a car crash.

Had I not stopped, I would have had another’s hood in my front seat with me. Drivers headed south on Kingshighway also had a green arrow light. For the last few months, there has been construction on the Kingshighway bridge impacting southbound drivers and drivers exiting I-44. There is signage about road construction, but I also know that often people do not look at traffic from different directions and completely rely on the lights being appropriately synced.

The 75 year old Kingshighway bridge between Southwest/Vandeventer and Shaw Blvd closed July 6, 2016 for reconstruction and is scheduled to reopen to traffic on December 31, 2016.

Road Construction–Use Abundance of Caution

Any time you see road construction signs, be aware that normal lights and signals may not be perfectly timed and you must slow down and observe other drivers. Had I not looked a second time to my left, it could have been disastrous for myself and another driver and we would have both felt indignant that the “other person ran the light” when in fact, both of us had green arrows. Long and short of the situation–look so you are not injured in a crash.

Arrive Safely vs. Having a Personal Injury Case

Car crashes happen every day, so if we can hope to share information and prevent a crash at a dangerous intersection we would far rather do that than see another person injured.

Any time you are proceeding through a light, especially at the beginning of a color change, observe other drivers. While it may be the fault of the light syncing, it will not lesson your injury if you are hit by another car! Too many people are needlessly injured or killed every day in motor vehicle incidents.

Road Construction Season is Not Over

As the weather turns cooler, we tend to expect that road construction will wrap up. Don’t be fooled. September and October are great months for road construction crews and road construction has not ended even if summer has. The following strategies help reduce crashes in construction zones:

  1. Look up your route before leaving your destination. MoDOT offers weekly updates so you can anticipate congestion, construction and delays.
  2. Slow Down. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. I know, I know–we’re all in a hurry and having to add 10-30 minutes to your daily commute is not convenient.
  3. Be a defensive driver—sometimes that is easier said that done. Typically, many drivers drive out of habit and sometimes they will “check out” and think about their day’s activities and where they need to be instead of being an alert driver. We have all fallen victim to this type of driving, but when you are dealing with road construction and heavy traffic, you need to be extremely ALERT! Inattentive driving is the number one cause of crashes.
  4. Remain Alert– do not engage in distracted driving. Too many rear-end collisions occur because a driver was texting or doing other multitasking instead of remaining focused on the drive. Be certain if you are getting directions from your smart phone that you are using the audio option rather than physically Looking at the directions. Smart phones and car navigational systems offer hands free audio directions—use them safely.

If You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Crash

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