Have a Plan for Cardinals Opening Day–Drive Sober

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Cardinal’s Opening Day is Thursday!

Opening Day is almost an official holiday in St Louis. On March 30, 2023, downtown will once again be flooded with people, vehicles and merriment. We all look forward to the beginning of Cardinal baseball. The weather is projected to be a high of 67 degrees, so possibly very ideal

Do Yourself and Your Family a Favor–Make a Plan

Fewer things kill a buzz or celebration like a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). A much bigger buzz-kill is being involved in a motor vehicle crash while under the influence. On the upside that you are not injured or killed in a crash, there are the other people possibly involved. No one wants Opening Day to be your last day or the day that permanently changes your life. The increase in serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes greatly increase when drivers are under the influence for all the reasons we have known for decades. We know that response time is slowed, perception is skewed and often times, those under the influence foolish think they are in control of their actions and thinking.

It is actually pretty simple to make a plan. You already are having to plan how to get tickets, transportation, coordination with friends and parking. Taking that one extra step to plan a safe ride home is actually the most important decision you will make the entire day/evening. I know, it doesn’t sound nearly as exciting. Going home from an event is never as exciting the preparing to go. If you are going to be drinking alcoholic beverages at the game which most of us do–plan accordingly. Whether that means having a designated driver in your group, taking a ride share, taxi or catching the train out of downtown. Make the frigging plan. Do not wait until after you have started drinking to make a plan. Undoubtedly, we all have made some of our absolute worst decisions after drinking–yours truly included.

Some Things to Consider in Attending Opening Day

Downtown traffic is kind of a mess. I would love to tell you otherwise. Due to roadway construction and narrowing of lanes, be sure to pack your patience in the car with you. Allow quite a bit of extra time. The game begins at 3:10 p.m. If you are racing to meet a short timeline, you are going to be irritable and frustrated.

Parking is Usually Sparse. Again, plan ahead. Parking is always limited downtown so go online and check out available parking lots/garages before you leave. Few things really frustrate someone like driving around for a hour in heavy traffic looking for a spot. Garages and lots will have attendants out waiving motorists in. There are fees for parking as we all know. They may be higher for Thursday’s game.

Drivers are Not Bringing Their Best Game. If you’ve driven downtown on a busy game day, you know that all drivers are not acting their best. I limit by downtown driving stories to most recent two weeks. Just the other day, another driver passed me at 60 mph on Fourth Street and bumped/hopped the curb so sparks flew off the curb. It was quite a show and dangerous. Just a reminder-there is not a street in downtown St. Louis where you can safely travel 60 mph. We are seeing dangerous drivers roaring through downtown or worse, trying to race.

More Officer Patrol Considering the number of serious and fatal crashes that have been highlighted in the last few months, I’m hoping that St. Louis Metropolitan Police are going to be out and represented in downtown on Opening Day. Again, I’m hoping. Considering the issues of late, it would be really bad planning to not have increased patrol for traffic on Thursday, Opening Day.

Schedule of Events

Pregame starts at 10:30 a.m.–Official Opening Day pep rally at Ballpark Village

Gates open at Noon

Pregame ceremonies begin with the Budweiser Clydesdales at 2:25 p.m.

If you are pregaming at Ballpark Village, you might be intoxicated before the game begins. Okay, that works. Clearly, if you become really intoxicated, you may be asked to leave. For everyone else, pace yourself. Because we know that we do not always accurately pace ourselves, please, please make a plan prior.

Don’t be a Donkey When It Comes to Roadway Safety

Celebrate and enjoy the game and festivities. We can engage in celebration without endangering the lives of one another. We represent those seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes and we would like for fewer people to be involved in these tragedies. Am I asking for less business? If it means fewer people involved in serious injury crashes, great! We look at the crash data. Right now, motorists across the greater St. Louis area in Missouri and Illinois are not driving safer. We need to be driving safer. It is not difficult. Obey the road signs and rules of the roadway. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of all motor vehicle incidents are caused by human error.

If you are hurt in a car crash, call us toll free 1.800.685.3302

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