Head-On Crash Involving Wrong Way Driver on Interstate 64-Chesterfield

Chesterfield: Two Seriously Injured in Wrong Way Crash

Police are still investigating a two-car crash involving a wrong way driver on eastbound Interstate 64 near Spirit of St. Louis Boulevard.

Authorities say the driver of a SUV was travelling the wrong way on I-64/40 and struck a passenger car head-on. The driver of the SUV was ejected.

The crash occurred at approximately 4 a.m. on Monday. Both drivers were males in their 30’s and their injuries were classified as serious but non-life threatening.

Chesterfield Police: Alcohol May Have Been a Factor

Chesterfield Police posted photos of the severe crash on social media “to stress the seriousness of what can happen if you drink and drive”. Drunk driving continues to be the most avoidable and preventable type of crash, and drunk driving is a direct example of negligent driving.

The risk of being hit by a drunk driver greatly increases in the night-time hours and on the weekends. According to the most recent data from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 205 people were killed in 2014 in alcohol related crashes and 3.480 people were injured, 2,424 of those seriously.

Head On Collisions

Wrong way collisions on interstates are usually very serious in nature due to the speed at which vehicles are traveling. As well, when you are driving down the interstate a wrong way driver is far more uncommon than say driving down a St. Louis City downtown street. Very often when head on collisions occur on a four-lane interstate, there are other factors involved. When a driver actually enters the interstate via the wrong way on an interstate ramp, they have missed the “One Way” signs on at least two occasions, the wrong ramp and also signs on the interstate (as well as visible traffic flow). Immediately, law enforcement must evaluate if the wrong way driver was impaired.

Head on crashes are so dangerous because the speed of both vehicles is combined and applied to the front seat occupants. Failure to wear a seat belt often results in an occupant being ejected.

In Missouri, the lack of seat belt usage is high. In fact, Missouri is one of the states with the below national average seat belt usage rate in the country. Seat belts cannot guarantee you will not be injured but statistically, the seat belt keeps you in the vehicle. Remaining in the vehicle during a crash usually results in fewer injures than being ejected from the vehicle.

Overwhelmingly, seat belts have proven to decrease the number of deaths and number of serious injuries compared to those victims not wearing their seatbelt.

If You’ve Been in a Motor Vehicle Crash

If you’ve been injured or have a loved one injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash, you should consult an expert car accident attorney before you discuss injuries or the incident with any auto insurance company. If you were hurt and the crash was not your fault, the process can be frustrating and overwhelming if you do not have legal representation.

Rushing your injury claim in hopes of resolving the issue quickly is not always in your best interest if you were hurt. You cannot speed your physical recovery by doing anything other than following your doctor’s instructions and obtaining the appropriate medical treatment. However, individuals all recover differently and you should not discuss your injuries with the insurance company.

At The Cagle Law Firm, our attorneys represent those injured in motor vehicle incidents and we know the arduous process it can be for you if you deal with the auto insurance company on your own.

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